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New Features for Streamer Mobile Legends In-Game Chat

Mobile Legends Bang Bang with Moonton brings in-game content the latest features. On the major update September 17, Mobile Legends will present new features in live streaming while playing. In this new feature, there will also be chat column features like features that are usually present in streaming applications such as YouTube streaming and Facebook […]

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Mobile Legends Will Collaborate With Monster Hunter

Not long ago, Moonton as a Mobile Legends developer gave a survey to Mobile Legends players. The survey contains questions about one of the most phenomenal and popular RPG games among gamers, yep Monster Hunter. The survey seems to provide a sign that Moonton will soon collaborate with Monster Hunter, and Mobile Legends X Monster […]

52 Mobile Legends Wallpapers You Can Download

The advantage of having your own mobile phone is free to do customization. Yep, if you are the type of person who likes to beautify Mobile phone by using a variety of cool wallpapers, especially if you are a fan of characters or a hero one of the most favorite moba games Mobile Legends. So […]

Valir Mobile Legends Reworked By Moonton, So Burst!

Rework Hero has become one of the activities Moonton often does recently. In game Mobile Legends, Moonton has rework on several old school heroes, including Rafaela, Bruno, and Kaja who became popular after reworking. And now hero to be reworked is one of the mage heroes that is rarely picked, Valir. Valir is a Mage hero who is currently declining popularity on the Original server. This happens […]

Skin Vulcan Lapu-Lapu Will Be Given For Free!

It’s not new thing, when Mobile Legends provides an interesting event to follow. Because, for the event that will be given in the future, Moonton as Mobile legends game developer will provide a free skin. You who attend the event can get the latest Lapu-Lapu skin called Vulcan for free. This Vulcan Skin is one of the newest Special skins from Lapu-Lapu, which has the same theme as Martis skin, namely Searing maw. The […]

Installment Plan Mobile Legends, Can Installment Purchase Skin

You definitely like skin features that every Mobile Legends hero has. If you buy a skin, you will get a variety of gameplay skin effects, skin animations, as well as a better skin design compared to the default skin provided by Moonton. However, the price of these skins is not cheap, those of you who want to get the skin must spend some money that can be purchased […]

Mobile Legends Unity Version, Want to Try?, Let’s Download

8 Bit MOBA is a mockery that is still used by haters mobile legends for mobile legends games. This happens because the appearance and performance of mobile legends itself is not too good, so that other mobile MOBA players often use the 8 Bit MOBA to Mobile Legends. However, at the Epicon 2019 Moonton event in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago. Moonton as the developer and publisher of the mobile […]

Badang Zodiac Skin Leo Release Date and Gameplay Teaser

Moonton has released a teaser video for one of the newest Zodiac skins to be released, and the one who will get this skin is Badang. This Zodiac Badang skin will be released at the end of July, with the name Zodiac Leo. In a teaser video on the YouTube Mobile Legends channel, look at Badang with a very cool Leo skin! Besides that, you can see […]

3 Hero Mobile Legends Who Get Nerf On Patch 1.3.94

On Patch Note 1.3.94, Moonton has updated balanced hero in a way buff and nerf on a hero that is considered less ‘balance‘. As already known, there needs to be an alignment of the status so that no hero is too overpowered. However, what will be discussed in this article is the 3 heroes who get the nerf balance on patch 1.3.94. […]