Arknight Mobile Game English Version Open Pre Registration

Yostar developer have officially announced the open pre-registration for their newest mobile game, the English version of Arknights will be ready for release. Arknights is a Tower Defense game and also features Waifu Collection. All characters are included in the main class which will affect each attribute, skill, etc. Each task / stage will require […]

Action Taimanin - Near Future Shinobi Battle

18+ Adult Game Special Action Taimanin: Near Future Shinobi Battle

Lilith together with the Gremory developers have jointly announced the opening of the pre-registration phase of their upcoming mobile game, yep Action Taimanin Near Future Shinobi Battle has entered the pre-registration phase!. As the name suggests, Action Taimanin is a mobile game with the Action RPG genre based on the adult anime series 18+ Taimanin […]

monster rancher mobile game

Monster Rancher Mobile Will Be Released Soon This Year!

Are you one of the veteran gamers who have played older generation console games, including PlayStation and Nintendo DS?, then it is very likely that you have already played Monster Rancher. In Japan this game has another name, yep Monster Farm, the franchise made by Koei Tecmo that offers RPG simulation gameplay has provided powerful […]

bullet break

Let’s Shoot Waifu Together, In A Exciting Bullet Break Game!

BeXide has announced pre-registration for their upcoming mobile game release, yep Bullet Break. Even though this game is in Japanese, you can also pre-register for this game even if you don’t live in Japan! Scheduled for this game to be officially released on September 17, Bullet Break is a collector’s RPG game Slingshot Waifu. The […]