pewdiepie free fire

Most Watch, But PewDiePie Don’t Know Free Fire

One of the most famous gaming YouTubers in the world with the most subscribers, PewDiePie, last week made a video reactions about the YouTube Rewind 2019. The YouTube Rewind 2019 video has indeed received a variety of comments from the YouTube community and YouTuber world, and is rated as disappointing as the YouTube Rewind 2018. […]

LOL Wild Rift VS Mobile Legends, Who’s the Best?

MOBA mobile game players already know, that now, Riot as the developer of one of the MOBA PC games, League of Legends is currently developing the mobile version of LOL with the title League of Legends: Wild Rift. So it is not surprising that a game as popular as League of Legends, which will enter the realm of mobile games, is one […]

google play pass

Play all Android Premium Games fullest with Google Play Pass

Google has officially announced their mobile game subscription service, yep Google Play Pass. This service is currently only available for United States and will soon open for more countries globally. When Apple released the Apple Arcade service, FajarYusuf.Com had spent a lot of time trying out some exclusive Apple games. Although there are some really […]

GTA San Andreas Mobile Secret Cheat Revealed!

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto or more often we are known as GTA is not separated from the name of the cheat. Especially in GTA: San Andreas, one of the GTA series that is so phenomenal in its era until now, maybe there are still many who play it. And it feels incomplete if we […]