Chess Rush Update July 16, Rider Get Nerf, Warrior Get Buff

Tencent “Auto Chess” game, Chess Rush do an update on Monday July 16 yesterday, there is also are balanced combo in accordance with the data collected. FajarYusuf.Com has categorized combos that are rebalanced, as follows: The combo that gets the buff: Warrior Combo Previous: Increases the team warrior armor by 40. Buff (Rebalanced): Increases the team warrior armor […]

Pokémon Go One Piece Collaborates, Commemorates Birthdays

Niantic has announced that they will collaborate with One Piece to hold a charity event in Kumamoto which has been hit by a massive earthquake in 2016. Pokémon Go players will get the chance to catch a unique Pikachu wearing a straw hat belonging character Monkey D. Luffy in the One Piece Anime/Manga series. The event that took place around the world was held to commemorate […]

Pet Panda Free Fire, Can Cure Light Wounds!

In the previous update you knew about a new pet that will be present in the game Free Fire through Advance Server. And this pet now comes in Original Server. So let’s welcome pet Panda new release! This pet named ‘Detective Panda‘, and looks like a strong fighter. You can get this pet and skin in Lucky Royale by paying 40 Diamond for […]

Chosen 16 Influencer In PUBGM Star Challenge 2019

The first round of voting fans PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019 ( PMSC 2019 ) has been completed this week. It also mean the start of the event E-Sports innovative mobile choosing Gaming YouTube Creators fan favorite and also professional players PUBG Mobile from all over the world. PMSC in 2019 will be hosted by […]