king of fighters x Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival Will Arrival of the King of Fighter Heroes

Rules of Survival is a mobile game with a very popular battle royale genre, now the game is collaboration with the classic fighting game SNK – King of Fighters Ultimate Match 98′. Starting today, players can play as one of the five legendary King of Fighters heroes on the PC version and the mobile version […]

Star Ocean Anamnesis persona 5

Persona 5 Comes to the Mobile Game Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Mobile RPG Game fans are certainly familiar with Star Ocean: Anamnesis. Yep, the game developed by Square Enix is now rumored to be doing a collaboration event with one of the very popular RPG game series, yep Persona 5 Royal. Square Enix has officially released various trailer videos related to the Star Ocean Anamnesis X […]

bos tim rocket pokemon go

Danger! Team Rocket Boss Comes To Pokemon Go!

Through a variety of official social media, Pokemon Go has announced to the players, that Professor Willow found a hidden folder that is suspicious. Of course, this information makes many players curious about the contents of the intended folder. Unexpectedly, it turns out that the folder stores the latest information related to the next update […]


Gamers Kpop, Let’s Shop BTS World Merchandise Part 2

Netmarble on Monday, September 23/2019 announced that the BTS WORLD merchandise part 2 collection will be present at the Netmarble Online Store starting on September 27 morning. The latest BTS WORLD merchandise collection consists of badge flags, set manager cards, magnetic ID managers, high-speed wireless charging cradles, and acrylic keyring BTS WORLD ANOTHER STORY. Netmarble […]

bts world chapter 8

BTS WORLD Update Chapter 8 And New Sticker Features

Netmarble yesterday September 19, 2019 officially announced the latest update for their flagship simulation mobile game, yep BTS WORLD. Games that offer the extraordinary experience of being a BTS Manager. In this update presents the latest chapter 8 and an upgrade to the styling system with the addition of 56 costumes, which you can feel […]