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21-8-2019 Chess Rush Update Rebalance Nerf & Buff

Today, 08/21/2019 Tencent in Chess Rush released the Nerf and Buff balancing updates to improve the playing experience of players. Chess Rush is also working to improve mode Squash Clash, by adding a special AI system that will control teammates if they leave the match. Also there is a penalty function which will temporarily deny […]

Rogue Guard Comes To Auto Chess As Warrior/Demon

Auto Chess has just introduced a new unit that will be released soon. This unit has name Rogue Guard, with the race Demon and class Warrior. So far, the new units that are present in Auto Chess are always the same as the heroes in the Dota 2 version. Previously, Shining Archer Auto Chess which is Mirana Dota 2 version, Ghost Prophet which is Death Prophet, and Fortune Teller is Dazzle. With the above, […]

Fortune Teller And Synergy Priest Released In Auto Chess Mobile

The popularity of the genre game Auto Battler certainly has an impact on games like Auto Chess Mobile developed by Drodo Studio, Underlord developed by Valve, and Chess Rush developed by Tencent increasingly actively updating new content for players. And now there is news of new content from Auto Chess Mobile, which released a new chess piece or hero, called Fortune Teller, at a price of 3 gold 1 piece. Fortune […]

Shiny Suicune, Pikachu Witch Hat, And Global Challenge Pokemon Go

August 9 is the fourth day of Pokemon GO Fest 2019 in Yokohama. Which means, Pikachu Witch Hat will be here and you can catch it today. You can also get Witch Hat Pichu by hatching Eggs, and possibly becoming Shiny Pikachu. Global Challenge Pokemon Go At 4 am server time, a new Global Challange update was released. Which means, the Stardust bonus prize will begin on Tuesday, August 13, […]