Is It True That Bigetron Ion And Belletron Teaming?

Bigetron Esports is one of the Indonesian esports teams that is popular with one of the mobile gamedivisions, yep PUBG Mobile division. No wonder this team is the strongest PUBG Mobile Esports team in Indonesia, in fact this team managed to occupy the top 5 at the PMCO event which took place in Berlin.

In addition to Zuxxy Luxxy reinforced team, Bigetron Esports also has 2 other PUBG Mobile division teams, namely Bigetron Ion and Belletron (a girl-only division of Bigetron). Both also participated in the PUBG Mobile tournament.

Bigetron Belletron Teaming

But there is bad news, both teams are suspected of doing Teaming at the tournament. 
As information, Teaming is the act of working together with the enemy to win a match. This includes cheating, even though both teams come from the same name.

The reason for this allegation seems to be quite reasonable, the two teams met and exchanged gunfire at medium and long distances. However, when one player from Belletron knock, then Bigetron Ion player does not kill and chooses to rotate.

Bigetron ion

But this was denied by the manager of Belletron EsportsBTR.Lalice explained that the distance of the two players was far enough, so it could not kill. In addition, if BTR Ion forces to keep killing Belletron, then it could be that Bigetron Ion will only take action in vain.

Plus BlueZone is entering stage 3, and because of this BTR Ion prefers to play it safe rather than taking risks to attack Bigetron.

Better lose less honorable than win by cheating.” She said. So far the committee from PUBG Youth Space also gave a statement that Bigetron Ion and Belletron did not do teaming as the audience discussed in the live streaming of the tournament.

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