EVOS Esports Successfully Wins First Place in the 2019 IENC Mobile Tournament!

EVOS Esports Mobile Legends finally managed to break the curse of ‘The Runner Up‘. After often failing to win first place in various tournaments before, EVOS Esports finally won first place and got a Winstreak during the preliminary round.

Indonesia Esports National Championship (IENC), which is a tournament to select the teams that enter SEA Games 2019 National Stadium, EVOS Esports successfully won first place after overthrowing Victim Esports 3-1 in Grand of the Week on Sunday (28 / 07/2019).

In this tournament, EVOS Esports team Mobile Legends performed with their new roster namely Eko Julianto as ‘Oura‘, Gustian as ‘Rekt‘, Yurino Putra as ‘Donkey‘, Muhammad Ridwan as ‘Wann‘, and Ihsan Besari Kusadana as ‘Luminaire‘.

Wann, who played Harith hero in the first and second matches, became the source of defeat for Victim Esports. The strategy and tactics used

by EVOS Esports’s team made the Victim Esports team powerless.

In the third match, Victim Esports got up and appeared fierce with two marksman heroes at once namely Kimmy and Karrie. Strength of the two heroes made EVOS Esports team unable to survive so that Victim Esports’s team was able to win match 3.

Inevitably, EVOS Esports must lock the fourth match with a victory if it doesn’t want to be comeback by Victim Esports. Learning from the mistakes in the previous match, Kimmy, who was played by Renbo, was made not move by EVOS Esports team in Match 4.

As a result, EVOS Esports was able to advance smoothly and win in the fourth match. This victory also locks the 2019 IENC title for EVOS Esports which has the right to bring home a cash prize Rp.100,000,000

Champion of IENC 2019 Mobile Legends

In addition, EVOS Esports also has the right to enter the 2019 SEA Games National Court for Mobile Legends games in the Esports branch. Later, they will again compete with other teams that have been confirmed to enter the SEA Games National Training 2019 like ONIC Esports and Louvre Esports.

As the runner-up, Victim Esports will also enter the National Plates and be entitled to Rp.40 million in prize money. While Alter Ego in third place won Rp.20 million.

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