Mobile Legends Indonesia National Team A & B Lose By Victim!

Welcoming the 2019 Sea Games, Team from IESPA has chosen 12 names of professional players who will become the Indonesian National Team Mobile Legends. Some of these names were chosen from selection IENC 2019 championship and Piala Presidential 2019.

Evos as IENC 2019 champion chose Oura, Rekt, Donkey and Wann. ONIC as Piala Presiden 2019 champion chose Udil, Anti Mage, Drian, and Psycoo. And other players filled by RRQ team, namely MuhammadLemonIkhsan, from Binus there is the name CalvinVyn“, 2 more players from Genflix Aerowolf , namely StevenMarshaKurniawan and SupriadiWattDwi Putera

To test quality and as part of a selection circuit. The national team players were divided into two teams to take part in the Independence Cup 2019 tournament. National Team A is filled by Udil, Anti Mage, Watt, Lemon, Psycoo, and Drian. While National Team B will be filled by Donkey, Oura, Rekt, Wann, Marsha, and Calvin Vyn.

Independence Cup 2019 is an international-scale tournament which is participated by big teams from various countries, especially Southeast Asia. There are 6 teams participating in this tournament, namely Indonesia National Team A, Indonesia National Team B, Victim Esports, Geek Fam, Evos Singapore, and RRQ.

For two days, Independence Cup 2019 was held on August 17-18, 2019 at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Surabaya. In this tournament, Victim Esports won as champion. Victim Esports must face National Team A in the semifinals. Despite losing in the first round, Sanz CS won the next two rounds.

Up to the final round, Victim Esports was once again challenged with National Team B. The final match scheme was exactly like against National Team A. The Indonesian contingent candidate was very fierce at the beginning of the game. However, Victim Esports did not want to give up so easily and then got up and managed to win with a score of 2-1. With this victory, Victim Esports has the right to bring home a prize of Rp.35 million.

victim esports independence cup 2019

This tournament aims to select prospective representatives of the Indonesian national team who will compete at the 2019 Sea Games. Looking at the results Independence Cup 2019 yesterday, it seems like the coaches, namely Jeremy Yulianto and AfrindoGValentino are still learning a lot and formulating strategies that are suitable and appropriate for the national team A & B going forward.

What do you think about the lose of the national team A & B Indonesia from Victim Esports? Is the division of roster the effect of this defeat? Pour out your opinions in the comments column!.

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