5 Units Hero Best Capabilities In Auto Chess, You Must See!

In the game with the genre of strategy, namely Auto Chess, players will consider choosing a unit with the best ability. In addition to synergies, there are other considerations that the selected unit has the ability to very strong and important impact when the pawn clash.

Curious any unit that has the best ability in Auto Chess? Consider the following explanation

The Source

The Source auto chess

Although the skill of a unit The Source is passive, the effect can make the game so influential. Character Wizard is going to support each unit players on board by adding mana regeneration.

Thus, each of the other units will more quickly put out skill. Of course this will greatly impact and making the presence of the Source so important to the combination.


Helicopter autochess

Legendary unit does have a skill most powerful. In addition to the expensive price, they also can only be obtained when the players are on the level high. Helicopter has the skill Call Down to issue a rocket that might explode 2x.

With enormous power attack, Helicopter will be a surprise at the end of the round. Anyone who uses this unit will have a chance to win with ease.

Shining Dragon

Shining Dragon auto chess

Could issue a comprehensive magic attacks make some superior unit. Check for the presence of Shining Dragon .

Although not as powerful as Kamehameha owned Tortola Rider , Shining Dragon has damage that is almost the same.

Shining Dragon can be said to have a great ability due to cooldown is short and can function more actual when juxtaposed with the Source.

Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain autochess

Skill dangerous not only owned by the wizard. Just look at the ability of Ghost Ship belonging to the Pirate Captain. These characters can bring up the ghost ship to crash into the HP of enemy defenses.

In this way, would be exposed to enemy formations influential pause while playing.

Because the position is in front, the Pirate Captain also can easily take this stance, if not attacked of the burst unit enemy.

God of Thunder

God of Thunder autochess

Two pawns newly added in the second month of the first season Auto Chess, has a synergistic effect that is very influential. The existence of God of War and God of Thunder can make the formation of the unit has a reduction of 50% cooldown.

Skill God of Thunder, Zeus’ Punishment does not affect the area. But the damage is based on the percentage of blood this unit will easily destroy enemy units.

Moreover, there are occasions when this ability out more than 1x.

That list Auto Chess 5 units best FajarYusuf.Com choice.

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