This Is An Error That Is Often Done By Auto Chess Players

The strategy in the Auto Chess game is quite complicated. You must be able to consider many things when playing. Besides having to think about synerg , the phase in playing is quite important to learn. This is why many players have understood the combo unit, but failed to win the match.

What do you need to pay attention to in Auto Chess to win? Check out the errors of the Auto Chess players that often occur below:

Incorrectly Install Formation

Incorrectly installed auto chess formation

Beginners usually don’t pay too much attention to this aspect. When arranging a formation, players must pay attention to other enemy formations. You must consider enemy Assassins and Tanks to find loopholes. Don’t feel that your formation is strong. Over time there is a possibility that enemies often change formations. With the right unit formation, you can be stronger and win the match.

Incorrect Phase Round Preparation

Incorrect Phase Preparation Round auto chess

Automatic fighting in Auto Chess can be a trap. Players sometimes often forget the phase of the round that will take place. Because of fighting enemies randomly, you often forget to change formations or install the most suitable and suitable unit. Therefore, the win streak that you are building can be broken by a round of monsters. Always remember, every 5 rounds you will meet monsters and try to memorize the formation and strength.

Wrong Install Item

Incorrectly Install auto chess items

You might be tempted to attach defense items to units in the front row. If you don’t memorize the combination, the items you install will make you lose. One of the most complicated mistakes is installing Frantic Mask to Hero who has active abilities. Because of the special effects, this item will do Silence so that you will be harmed. Be careful and memorize the special effects of each item, yes!

Incorrect Level Up

Wrong Up Auto Chess Level

You might be too confident if your level is bigger than the enemy. In fact, the number of units will not mean that the characters you play are still weak. Moreover, when at a high level, the opportunity to reach smaller units becomes difficult. If not careful, you will only spend gold to refresh and units that you hope will be very difficult to come by.

Wrong Saving Gold

Wrong Saving Gold

You may be proud to be able to save up to more than 50 gold. This is certainly useful for finding small units and upgrading these units to level three. But, be careful if you lose important points because you give up too much. Instead of finding the unit you are aiming for, the bench is filled with units that are piled up and unused.

That is an error that is often done by Auto Chess players. Don’t forget to continue to follow the news or interesting posts about Auto Chess and other games only at FajarYusuf.Com.

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