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The Best and Flexible Combo in Chess Rush, Goblin + Knight

Chess Rush is one of the games developed by Tencent, which is currently being popular.

This game Auto Battler genre makes you think critically and set a strategy to win.

It’s not easy to find combos and good strategies to win matches in Chess Rush.

Combo Knight Goblin Chess Rush

Even though you can win rankings in the early game, but if you make a mistake, then you will be defeated by the enemy!

Yep, of course you don’t want to defeat like that right ?, Therefore, in this article FajarYusuf.Com will give tips for playing Chess Rush!

Choose Build and Hero

First, you need to know that one of the most overpowered build combos today is a combo Knights and Goblins .

To be able to get this combo build, you need to buy 2-star heroes in the early game.

Combo Knight Goblin Chess Rush 2

If it feels enough, the next

step is to make an overpowered combo build, namely Knight and Goblin.

Don’t forget to keep saving, so you can level up as the battle progresses.

Then this Knight and Goblin combo will provide a very useful buff .

If this combo build is successful, it is certain that the match will be won easily.

However, if the game has been running for a long time and you don’t get the desired hero, it’s a good idea to choose an alternative combo!

One alternative to resist fighting is to collect Tank heroes.

Tanks that will keep your build combo are not destroyed, as long as you are looking for another hero.

In addition, as long as you collect the build, you also have to increase the level, mana and star.

Combo Knight Goblin Chess Rush 3

This will also greatly affect your success rate in making a Knight + Goblin combo build.

The key to victory in the Chess Rush is actually quite simple, which is careful in combos and not rash.

In addition, it should be noted also, what buff effects you will get from Knight and Goblin combos.

Because the buff obtained from this combo will be your main strength.

Even with a high level hero, you can still win! Are you ready to win with Knight and Goblin combos?

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