Best Granger Mobile Legends Item Build for Now META 2021

The best Granger Mobile Legends build item in 2021 for META at this time, big damage with a pretty strong endurance!

Granger is one of the very popular Marksman on the latest patch in the current MOBA Mobile Legends game.

After getting the buff in the previous patch, now Granger again has massive damage to a Marksman hero.

Granger is also often picked up in big tournaments such as MPL and MDL as well as the Mobile Legends tournament for women.

But Granger currently has a slightly different build compared to Granger in the previous patch which had to use full item damage.

Here is the best Build Item Jungler role Granger: Build the best best Granger Item in 2021 ml mobile legends

Raptor Machete

The first item Granger has to buy is the Raptor Machete jungle item. This item is very useful for increasing early-game damage for Granger with 15 stacks obtained from killing jungle creeps when using this item.

Each Raptor Machete item stack will add 4 damage to players who use this item. That’s why this item really helped Granger’s damage in the early game.

Tough Boots or Warrior Boots

The selection of boots for Granger in the current meta will be more recommended with defense boots that depend on the opponent’s hero you are facing.

If the opposing hero has a lot of burst magic it is better to use Tough Boots.

If the enemy doesn’t have that much magic burst damage, Grangr can use Warrior Boots to increase the sustain of Granger himself.

This is why these two shoes are the choice for Granger for the current meta, unlike the previous meta which uses cooldown reduction shoes.

Brute Force

Brute Force is the third item of choice for Granger in the early-game. This item can provide additional physical defense and movement speed for Granger.

This is what makes Granger able to sustain longer if there is a team-war in the early-game and can rotate faster because it has additional movement speed.

Hunter Strike

The next item that is suitable for Granger right now is Hunter Strike.

By buying this item, Granger can increase movement speed by 30% after dealing 5 times damage to the creep or to the opponent’s hero.

This item also has an effect cooldown of 15 seconds. This item is perfect for Granger in the current meta because it can make Granger rotate quickly when taking jungle and gangking towards the exp lane or gold lane.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is the fifth item for Granger at this time. Endless Battle is useful for giving additional lifesteal to Granger and giving additional true damage to Granger when doing basic attacks after using skills.

This item is very useful for additional Granger damage when entering mid-game to late-game and makes Granger have a fairly large damage burst.

Blade of Despair

BOD can be a closing option if Granger lacks damage during late-game.

This item has a large additional physical damage, this is what makes this item the last choice for Granger.

BOD also has a passive effect if the opponent has HP below 50%, it will increase Physical damage by 25% for 2 seconds.


Yep, that’s the best Granger Mobile build item for the current meta in 2021. If you have entered the late-game item boots can be sold and replaced with defense items such as Immortality or Queen’s Wings .


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