black desert mobile setting

This Black Desert Mobile Graphic Settings For Low-End HP

The Global server Black Desert Mobile finally opened yesterday on December 11th, for you low-end HP users with a price of $180 or less may not be comfortable when playing this MMORPG mobile game .

But take it easy, in this article FajarYusuf.Com will give you the best graphic setting for Black Desert Mobile for low-end handphones. Please follow the graphic and effect settings as shown below:

Black Desert Mobile Graphic Settings

The results obtained from the graphic settings above on the handphone lowend will more or less like the following:

Low-end handphones or cellphones is not strong enough to capture or produce a variety of display effects or blur effects in Black Desert Mobile, therefore for convenience and so that you can enjoy this game in a fun way, FajarYusuf.Com Best for Low-End HP.

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