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Build Item Ling Mobile Legends, Match So Easy To Win!

On November 2nd yesterday, Mobile Legends released a new assassin hero named Ling. This assassin hero is a hero who has a fairly unique skill, Ling skill can be used to climb to the top of the wall and can fly to other walls in the Land of Down.

There are several Ling Mobile Legends build items that you must apply, so that the damage from this hero comes out to the maximum and this is the discussion of the Ling Mobile Legends build recommendation that makes the match easy to win!

Build Item Ling

First Item: Warrior Boots

Warrior Boots

As a hero assassin, Ling needs movement speed enhancing items, especially in early games so that Ling can roam lane quickly. One item of shoes that is suitable for Ling is Warrior Boots because this item not only increases movement speed, Warrior Boots also increases armor which makes Ling more sustainable when a team fight occurs.

Second Item: Berserker’s Fury

After buying shoe, Ling needs damage enhancements, so that Ling can produce considerable damage in early games. After buying Warrior Boots, you can immediately buy Berserker’s Fury to increase damage, and critical damage to increase Ling’s damage output.

Third Item: Endless Battle

To maximize the critical damage caused by previous item, Berserker’s Fury, you can combine these items with Endless Battle because this item has a passive which can increase damage after using skills. Endless Battle can also increase the effect of life steal that can help Ling to be more sustainable.

Fourth Item: Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

So that Ling damage gets bigger, you can continue to buy Blade of Despair. This item is an item that can increase physical attacks in large numbers than other items and has a passive effect that can increase damage if you attack enemies with HealthPoint below 50%. So don’t forget this one item if you want to have deadly damage!

Fifth Item: Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

If you face hero tank on lategame with thick defense like Uranus or Khufra, then you need items that can increase phyiscal penetration to penetrate the armor. In Mobile Legends itself, of course there are items that can enhance that status, namely Malefic Roar. Hero Tank will be easier to kill if you fight Ling who already has this item.

Last Item: Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor

The last item is a physical attack enhancing item named Rose Gold Meteor. This item can increase physical attack, magic resist, and physical life steal that makes Ling more able to last longer when a team fight occurs. Not to mention the Rose Gold Meteor has a passive which can provide additional shielding for Ling if its HealthPoint is below 30%.


Yep that’s the tips about the Ling Mobile Legends item build recommendation. Don’t forget to keep on practicing so you can become Top Global Ling in Mobile Legends!

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