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Build Silvanna Mobile Legends, Emblems, Battlespells, and Skills

Silvanna is fighter / mage hero Mobile Legends who is very Overpower in the early game what else to fight 1vs1. Silvanna has a variety of skills that are very unique and very useful, one of which can lock the movement of one of the enemy heroes, so it can not get out of the cage created by Silvanna.

How to play Silvanna is quite interesting because Silvanna has the ultimate skill that can confine enemy heroes. After that, Silvanna users can kill the enemy by close combat. If Silvanna users can use combo skills appropriately, Silvanna will become a fighter with a very dangerous magic attack.

Yep, in this article FajarYusuf.Com will discuss tips and guides on how to play Silvanna and also build items, emblems, and spells for Silvanna. No need to linger, please read the explanation below:

Strengths and Weaknesses of Silvanna


  • Very Strong in Early Games
  • High Lifesteal and Attack Speed
  • High Movement Speed
  • Easy to Master


  • Not very useful during Late Games
  • Thin Health Point

Silvanna Skill

Just like Mobile Legends heroes in general, Silvanna has 3 active skills and 1 passive skill. The following is a detailed explanation of these skills.

Passive Skill: Knightess’ Resolve

Basic Attack Silvana will deal Magic Damage of (+100% Total Physical ATK) (+45% Total Magic Power). That way, even if Silvanna buys a phyiscial item, Silvanna’s attacks will produce and turn into magic damage.

Silvanna’s skill will leave Mark to the opponent he is subjected to. Each Mark will reduce the target Physical and Magic Defense by 3-6 points (will increase with leveling up) which will last for 5 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 Marks. That way, the opponent’s defense will be reduced to 30 points.

When the Mark reaches its maximum (5 stacks), Silvanna Skill will give 30% additional damage to the target.

Given this skill, Silvanna will be very useful for killing tank heroes. Because this passive skill is the same as that of Carmilla, which both can reduce enemy defense. Using the Genius Wand item is the right combination for Silvanna.

Skill 1: Cosmetic Lance

Silvanna 1 skill

Silvanna attacks the enemy using a spear, dealing 150 Magic Damage (+70% Total Magic Power) to all opponents on the attack path.

This skill will cause a stun effect on the first opposing hero that is used for 1 second. Meanwhile, movement speed will increase by 40% for 2 seconds.

If skill 1 hits the target, Silvanna can move in the specified direction and strike back with a spear, dealing 250 Magic Damage (+100% Total Magic Power) to opponents in range.

Skill 2: Spirral Strangling

Silvanna 2 skill

Silvanna will stab spear in the direction the player specified and spin the spear 6 times. Each round deals 150 Magic Damages (+35% of total Magic Power) and pulls the opponent slightly to the middle.

When using this skill, Silvanna will also get a Shield of 300 (+100% Total Magic Power). The spear cycle will increase by 1 time each time you get an additional 50% Attack Speed. If the target is a minion, this skill will only get an additional 75% damage.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Imperial Justice

Silvanna Skill 3

Silvanna will jump to the specified area, dealing 350 Magic Damage (+110% Magic Power) to opponents in the area and causing a Slow effect to them by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

This skill will create a Circle of Light, 1 opponent who is closest to the midpoint of the circle area cannot escape for the next 3.5 seconds, and other opponents will be forced out of that area.

If Silvanna is in the Circle of Light, he will get an additional 100% Attack Speed ​​and 100% Magic Lifesteal.

Build Silvanna Items

Build items suitable for Silvanna are more reliant on attack speed and magic manifest. Both of these statuses will be maximized when Silvanna is using skill 3. His attack speed and Magic Lifesteal will increase by 100%. Next build the best items according to FajarYusuf.com for Silvanna.

Warrior Boots


Actually for shoes items are very flexible, but FajarYusuf.Com recommends to buy Warrior Boots. Because this item provides armor which is very useful for close combat. The armor that Silvanna will get will get higher if it receives damage. This item is perfect for Silvanna to use when dealing with enemies who use a lot of physical heroes.

Alternatively, you can use Tough Boots if faced with many hero mages and Crowd Control. If you want to get a higher cooldown, you can use Magic Shoes.

Feather of Heaven

Feather of Heaven

This item, according to the very must be owned by Silvanna. Because in addition to getting 65 magic power, this item will also give 30% Attack Speed ​​and 5% Movement Speed. Both statuses are very useful for maximizing the ultimate skill and the Silvanna 1 skill.

In addition, the passive items from Feather of Heaven are also very useful for Silvanna. Basic attacks will give an additional 40% magic attack to the target.

Concentrated Energy


This item also serves to maximize Silvanna’s skill 2 and skill 3. Because this item will provide an additional 25% magical lifesteal. Eliminating an enemy hero will also restore HP by 10%. This item will make Silvanna strong enough for laning and teamfight.

Holly Crystal

Holly Crystal

Needless to explain in more detail, the function of this item is very useful, which is to significantly increase Silvanna’s magic damage, get +90 Magic Power and +25% Magic Power, also when the skill hits the target, the next skill will get an additional 15% Magic Power.

Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper

This item serves to increase Silvanna’s basic attack. Due to basic attacks Silvanna will do true damage after using skills. In addition, movement speed will also increase by 10%.

The Calamity Reaper item will also make Silvanna activate skills more often, especially for ultimate skills. Because this item gives a cooldown reduction. Which one will be used also won’t be too wasteful because this item gives mana and mana regen.

Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time

This item is useful for getting cooldown reduction. By using this item, you will more often activate skills, especially for the ultimate skill which is the mainstay skill of Silvanna. You can replace this item with Athena’s Shield for defense. Or it can also be replaced with Blood Wings to increase magic damage.

Emblems and Battle Spells

silvanna emblem

FajarYusuf.Com recommends Custom Mage for emblems used by Silvanna, with a talent array: 3x Agility for movement speed, 3x Observation for magic penetration, and Impure Rage to increase damage. You can see the talent composition in the picture above.

For spells, FajarYusuf.Com recommends using Retribution. This battle spell works for faster farming. If you want to play safer, you can use Flicker, Sprint, or Purify. Customize it with the pick hero and the gameplay of each team.

How to Play Silvana

Silvanna must play aggressively in the Early Game, One of the main keys to playing Silvanna’s hero is to utilize early games as effectively as possible. Combo skills are very effective for inflating enemy heroes because the damage generated is very large. So you have to make the best use of the early game moments.

Roaming from one lane to another. Ambush the enemy in the jungle and play aggressively to trigger a teamfight. If only the push turret is possible, then destroy the turret while looking for enemies.

Use Skill effectively, Silvanna Skill 2 can be used in 2 phases. If the first phase succeeds at the target, then this skill can be used again to dash / target in the direction we specify. That way, we can use this second skill to escape or chase the enemy. If the situation is not possible, save this skill to escape.

For the ultimate skill not only can be used to attack alone. This skill can be used to escape from enemies, if indeed the conditions are very precarious. If your condition and the enemy are the same, just use this skill to the enemy and beat the basic attack. Because as long as you are in this skill area, attack speed and magic manifest will increase by 100%.

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