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The Best Build Items Tank for Baxia Mobile Legends

The release of Baxia in Mobile Legends presents a new style in the current meta game. The newly released Hero Tank brings new skills that are currently being favored in the in-game land of dawn.

Baxia has many very strong skills in battle. However, these strong skills must also be balanced by building the right items and in accordance with the style of the game.

In this article, FajarYusuf.Com will provide build items suitable for Baxia as a tank that is very difficult to kill. The choice of items below can be combined with several conditional items to match your playing style.

First Item: Courage Mask

Courage Mask

As a first choice item, Courage Mask can be the right choice to buy. This item will provide an additional 700 HP and reduce the cooldown duration by 10%. By activating the active Courage Mask skill, Baxia can help and gank quickly.

Not only that, Courage Mask has excellent Devotion and Thriving skills to support the EXP and Gold achievements of teammates. Because, this item makes Baxia will not get part of EXP and Gold when the minion is killed.

The main reason for Courage Mask to be the first choice is its ability to increase movement speed by 30%. Increased movement speed is very useful for roaming at earlygame.

Second Item: Tough Boots

Tough Boots

The second item that’s right for Baxia is Tough Boots. After purchasing the Courage Mask, then buying shoe items can support Baxia’s speed of movement. Baxia can also be easier to roam and execute enemies much more efficiently than before.

In addition, Tough Boots are also very good for increasing the ability to survive from Baxia. Because this one shoe provides 22 Magic Resistance which is useful to withstand Magical type burst damage from Mage heroes in the earlygame.

Not only that, Tough Boots also has a passive ability that can reduce the duration of the crowd control effect by 25%. As an alternative, Tough Boots can be replaced with Warrior Boots to withstand Physical Attack types that are far more efficient.

Third Item: Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet is a choice of items that are suitable for increasing the defense and damage area effects of Baxia. Not only does it provide good defense, this item also provides quite useful damage effects.

Cursed Helmet can provide an additional 920 HP and 50 Magic Resistance. Adding the attributes of this item is perfect for reducing Magical Attack type attacks. By buying this item, Baxia can be a little safer when fighting on the front lines.

The advantage of Cursed Helmet is its passive ability, Burning Soul. This ability allows Baxia to deal Magic Damage of 1.5% of HP per second for nearby enemies. The ability of Burning Soul is very suitable to be combined with the Ultimate Tortoise’s Puissance skill to spend enemies in the area quickly.

Fourth Item: Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

As a Tank Hero who will always use skills, Baxia must also have enough mana. For this reason, you must choose Dominance Ice as an advanced item. This item can provide an additional 500 Mana, 70 defense points, and 10% chance to reduce critical attacks.

Mana addition is very necessary when entering midgame. Because, in midgame, Baxia must play aggressively and rely on all the skills they have. In addition, adding armor and reducing critical damage is very good for a tanker.

Not only that, Dominance Ice also has a passive ability, Arctic Cold. This ability can reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 5% and enemy attack speed by 30%.

With this passive ability, Baxia can at least easily keep pace with the enemy’s movements and block the enemy’s attack. So, Baxia can maximize the ability of AoE has when fighting takes place.

Fifth Item: Immortality


Entering the lategame, Immortality will be an excellent choice of defense item. Immorality will give 800 HP and 40 Magic Resistance. The addition of these attributes is very good to support the ability to survive Baxia.

Because, in the late game, Baxia will face and face many attacks from Hero Marksman or Fighter who already have a high level of damage. For this reason, Baxia should continue to survive on the battlefield.

Immortality has a passive ability that is very suitable for a tanker. With this passive ability, Baxia can come back to life with 15% HP and can absorb 300-1000 damage. This ability can provide opportunities to last far longer.

Last Item: Wings of The Apocalypse Queen

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

At the end of the match, Wings of The Apocalypse Queen will be a selection of very suitable items. This item can provide 15 Physical Attack, 1000 HP, and 10% cooldown reduction. The addition of these attributes is quite good enough to support Baxia on the battlefield.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen is perfect for Baxia because of her passive ability, Demonize. With this passive ability, Baxia can reduce damage received by 50% and get additional lifesteal by 30%.

It should be noted, this last item is actually situational. So, you must be able to read the situation and conditions of the game in order to buy the right item.

If you have to fight a Hero with a large burst of damage, Twilight Armor is the right choice because it can withstand only 900 damage received. If you need Regen’s HP, items like Sky Guardian’s Helmet or Antique Cuirass can be used as an alternative.


Baxia Mobile Legends build items

What do you think of the item build tips for Baxia above? Please write your opinion and build your version of the item in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest information about Mobile Legends only on FajarYusuf.Com!.

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