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Build Items, Emblem, And Spell Carmilla, All So Easy!

Carmilla’s Story

Mobile Legends new support hero named Carmilla is said to have been born at the Ansaac House in Castle Aberleen. Carmilla is the only daughter of the Earl and is loved by her entire family.

Because of her beauty, Carmilla became a political tool for her own father, who was a Earl Anssac to join power with other noble families. But Carmilla’s heart was never shaken by princes from other noble families.

Carmilla only loved someone named Cecilion, the best opera singer in the Southern Empire. Both of them felt the same feeling of falling in love, but slowly Carmilla realized that Cecilion was not a human, but a Blood Demon.

Regardless of that fact, Carmilla still loved Cecilion as she was. But the father did not agree with Carmilla’s decision. The Earl even ordered his men to close the opera and Cecilion was expelled from the kingdom.

Carmilla’s broken heart made him dare to do something desperate, Carmilla sliced ​​his wrist and died. The story of Carmilla and Cecilion has now become a legend for the people of Castle Aberleen.

Carmilla Skill

Passive Skill

Carmilla steals 10 to 20 Physical and Magical Defense from enemies and at the same time deals damage to them. Carmilla can only steal once in 5 seconds per target and can be Stacked up to 5 times for 5 seconds.

Skill 1

Carmill 1 skill

Carmilla increases Movement Speed ​​by 25% and summons 2 Crimson Flowers that swirl around for 5 seconds. Opponents affected by Crimson Flower receive 130 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and a 30% Slow effect.

Meanwhile, the rotating speed of the Crimson Flower would increase even more. Every time Crimson Flower deals damage to an opponent, Carmilla will regenerate 60 (+25% Total Magic Power) HP. If the target is a Minion, Carmilla only regenerates 30% of its HP from what it should.

Skill 2

Carmilla 2 skill

Carmilla collects Bloodbath Energy and increases Movement Speed ​​by 60% for 3.5 seconds. This skill can be used twice.

If used the second time, Carmilla uses Bloodbath Energy to the specified opponent (cannot target Minions) and gives 150 (+120% Total Magic Power) and causes Stun effect to the opponent for 0.75 seconds.

Damage stun and duration scale to the accumulation of Bloodbath Energy collected by Carmilla, a maximum of 100%.

Skill 3

carmilla skill 3

Carmilla threw the Curse of Blood in the specified direction. Curse will spread from the affected opponent to the closest opponent and deal 275 (+160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and cause a Slow effect of 90% for 5 seconds (slow effect becomes 30% in 3 seconds only).

This curse can be given a maximum of 3 opponents at the same time. Other opponents who are not the first target affected by the Curse will be hit by up to 70% damage and Crowd Control reduced by 50% than they should.

Build Items Carmilla

Build Items Carmilla: Damage

In this build, items or gear that are focused on Carmilla’s use have the Magic Power attribute to maximize Carmilla’s potential damage to be most powerful. In addition, Cooldown Reduction is quite important in this build.

Build Item Carmilla Damage
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Arcane Boots
  • Calamity Reaper
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Blood wings
  • Divine Glaive

Build Items Carmilla: Semi Tank / Mage

In this build, items used by Carmilla will focus on Magic Power and Defense, so that Carmilla is not easily killed and can help the team in terms of damage. In addition, Magical Lifesteal also becomes an important element in building this Carmilla Semi Tank item.

Build Item Carmilla Semi Tank / Mage
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Tough Boots
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Necklace of Durance
  • Immortality

Build Items Carmilla: Tank

In this build, Carmilla will use items that are useful to strengthen Defense and HP, so Carmilla can support the team as long as possible.

Build Carmilla Tank Items
  • Tough Boots
  • Brute Force Breatplate
  • Oracle
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Twilight Armor
  • Immortality

How to Play Carmilla

Take advantage of Passive Skills for Tank Heroes

As a hero support, skills possessed by Carmilla are quite useful. Passive skills can reduce your opponent’s defense, it is very useful if you are fighting a Tank hero, so the Defense of a Tank hero will be reduced and it’s easier to defeat him.

Ultimate Skill For Teamfight

The Carmilla’s Ultimate skill can spread up to 4 opponents and deal considerable damage. In addition to the spread damage, you can also spread CrowdControl to your opponent so that there are 4 possible opponents at once affected by CrowdControl with just one attack.

With the potential of 4 opponents affected by CrowdControl, it will certainly make it easy for core / carry heroes with high damage to eliminate the opponent.

Skill 2 To Chase Your Opponent

Carmilla’s skill 2 is also very useful for chasing opponents because the Movement Speed ​​of Carmilla will increase and can give Stun effect to the opponent. But this Stun effect can only be used for single targets, not areas.


All Support heroes in Mobile Legends have quite thin HP / Defense. That is quite a problem because hero support is required to continue roaming to help the team. In addition, the Defense and Attack sides are also not very good, but can still be tricked by using items that add Defense or Attack.

Spell Carmilla

Carmilla Spell


As a Support hero, of course Carmilla needs a Spell that aims to Support as well, yep Revitalize. This spell will bring up a circle that can regenerate the HP of your team in it.


Flicker can also be an option, Supoort’s hero who is famous for thin HP / Defense. With Flicker, you can escape the enemy’s attack quite easily. Moreover, Carmilla does not have the Blink skill which is usually useful for running away.

Emblem Carmilla

Carmilla Emblem

The choice of emblem that Carmilla uses depends on what build you are using. If the build item damage then the Mage or Magical emblem is definitely an option. But if you use a build item semi tank or tank, it is recommended to use a tank emblem.

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