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Build Items, Emblem, Spells, and Skills Granger Mobile Legends

Granger is a very feared Marksman hero. Damage generated by this hero can reach 5000+. How to? Of course with the Build item Granger that works well with it. Therefore, choosing build items, spells and emblems will make you win the game easily.

Build Items Granger

The skills possessed by this Granger hero will certainly be maximal if supported with suitable build items. Therefore, try to use the Granger Mobile Legends item build below.

This build will focus on Physical Damage and Critical Damage, because the Granger will not be affected by the Attack Speed ​​emblem and items.

Rapid Boots

rapid boots

Increase Movement Speed. Also, when taking damage or dealing damage, the hero will experience a slow effect.

Berserker’s Fury


This item will cause a Granger attack to produce significant critical damage.

Endless Battle


After Granger uses the skill, the next attack will produce true damage. Matches combined with Skill 2 (Rondo) which also adds 10% damage to Basic Attack.

Bloodlust Axe


Every attack that comes from the Granger skill will give a Spell Vamp effect to regenerate HealthPoint.

Blade Of Despair


This item deals +170 Physical ATK damage, especially if it can increase Physical Damage Hero by 25% if the enemy’s HP is under half.

Rose Gold Meteor


If the Granger’s HP is below 30%, this item will provide a Shield that is able to absorb opponent’s attacks and +30 Magic RES.

Granger Emblem

assassin emblem

Because Granger is a MarksMan hero without attack speed and relies on critical damage, of course the Granger emblem build set used is Custom Assassin Emblem because Custom Marksman Assassin is not effective for Granger.

Battle Spell Granger


You also have to determine what battle spells to use that are suitable for use with Granger.

If you’ve read about Granger on in-game Mobile Legends, you surely know that Granger is not a hero who relies on Attack Speed. So therefore this Retribution spell is very useful for farming and taking buffs.

The Aegis spell is also useful for Granger. Because the MarksMan hero has a low HealthPoint so it needs protection from enemy burst damage.

Granger Skill

Passive Skill (Caprice)

Granger can refill as many as 6 bullets at a time. Every 6th bullet that hits an opponent will deal Critical Damage. Granger will not get attack speed from equipment and emblems.

Skill 1 (Rhapsody)

1 granger skill

Granger takes all the bullets straight ahead. each bullet deals physical damage to the enemy. This skill is a core skill, so whenever there is a chance always increase skill level 1.

Skill 2 (Rondo)

2 granger skill

Granger blinks in the desired direction, and the next 2 basic attacks will get 10% extra damage. When the bullet hits the opponent, the cooldown of this skill will decrease by 0.4 seconds. Use skill 1 to quickly reduce the cooldown of skill 2.

Skill 3 (Death Sonata)

skill 3 granger

Granger turns his violin into a shotgun and fills it with 3 Super Bullets. In the next 4 seconds, Granger will fire the Super Bullet and only apply to the opposing hero. When it hits the first opposing hero, the Super Bullet will explode, dealing physical damage to the closest enemy and causing a Slow effect of 8%. Every Granger fires Super Bullet, Granger can move to the desired location.

How to Play Granger

Early Game

In the early game you only need to focus on farming to have 2 core items. Raise skill 1 first to make it easier to do a team fight in the early game.

Mid Game

In Mid Game, you must already have 2 core items. When you already have 2 core items, farming isn’t the best choice. Try to do teamfight or roaming to the opponent’s area or do a kill turtle.

Late Game

In the Late Game, Granger does not need to doubt the damage it will have. With the build items given above, you have to believe Granger will be able to do 1 vs 1. But it must be remembered that Granger is still a marksman which means Granger needs to be backed up by tanks or other teammates. And also the marksman needs to take the right position to dominate and keep his distance from the opponent’s reach.

For the record, because Granger will not get attack speed from items or emblems, and rely heavily on critical damage, you must play aggressively during the early game and mid game to kill the opponent’s markman, because if you have entered the late game marksman with attack speed is more dangerous.

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