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Build Items, Emblems, Spells, and Skill Harith Mobile Legends

Harith is a very exciting Mage hero when played.With the skills possessed, Harith can move places continuously in battle while dealing high enough damage to the opponent. Not only that, Harith can also slow down enemy speed at once, and absorb enemy Shield heroes so that Harith is most feared when teamfight!

There are lots of the best builds that you can use for this hero, but in this article FajarYusuf.Com will give you the build of the FajarYusuf.Com.

Harith’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High Burst damage with a combination of Passive skills, Ultimate skills, and Cooldown skills that are very fast
  • High mobility
  • Endurance in combat is quite high with the shield of skill 2 and also the effect of passive skills


  • Need to farming and buff before participating in teamfight
  • If you are not proficient when using combo skills, the damage produced is not so pronounced

Build Item Harith

demon shoes

Demon Shoes : the best shoes for Harith, because Harith will very often do spam skills. With high regeneration of Demon Shoes, Harith doesn’t need to go back to base to fill mana.

Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper : Harith’s first core item. Being able to do true damage every time you use a skill, will greatly increase the damage that Harith can issue. Besides the cooldown deduction stat given by this item is also very useful for Harith especially if the Ultimate skill is not active.

Concentrated Energy

Concentrated Energy : items that will increase Harith’s endurance. In addition, the spell vamp effect of this item plus the Harith 2 skill will give you enough HealthPoint to run away or go back into battle.

berserker's Fury

Berserker’s Fury : It does look strange if this item is used on a Mage hero. But apparently, this item is suitable for use by Harith, because Harith’s passive skill can issue critical. If Harith already has this item, skill 2 will deal a minimum of 1000 damage!


Windtalker: will strengthen the Berserker’s Fury’s critical effect. In addition you will also get additional movespeed that is very useful for all heroes.

Ice Queen Wand

Ice Queen Wand : This item will increase the ability of Harith’s crowd control, adding to the slow given by skill 2, so that enemies affected by skill 2 cannot move quickly, because it gives a slow effect.

It’s strange to use critical items for hero mages, but in practice with this build Harith can spam skill 2 by generating 1000 – 1500 damage during teamfight because Harith’s passive skill can produce critical damage!

Emblem Harith

mage emblem

FajarYusuf.Com strongly recommends using the Custom Mage emblem. Because of the talent tier 3 from this emblem, Mystery Shop will really help Harith to quickly buy the needed core items. Harith really needs core items to fight in the early game. Without this talent, you will further delay Harith’s time to join the teamfight.

Battle Spell Harith

aegis retribution

Retribution: is the best spell for Harith, because Harith needs to farm and pick up buffs quickly. Basically Harith already has a pretty good clear jungle ability. Coupled with retribution and assistance from Hero Tank, Harith’s farming effectiveness will increase rapidly.

Another Spell option that you can use is Aegis which fits perfectly into Harith’s style of play, which must enter the enemy crowd.

Harith’s skill

Passive Skill (Key Insight)

Harith’s passive skill gives Harith additional defense (Armor and Magic Resistance) of up to 70% (depending on the number of enemy heroes around him. This skill allows Harith to enter combat without having to fear death.

Skill 1 (Synchro Fission)

skill 1 harith

Harith and his shadow let out magical waves that hit the enemy in the path of the wave. If these two waves meet, it will cause an explosion with high damage.

We recommend raising this skill at level 1 to make clear wave minions easier. However, you should not maximize this skill first, because the chance of this skill gives maximum damage to an uncertain enemy.

Skill 2 (Chrono Dash)

Harith 2 skill

Harith’s skill 2 is an excellent blink skill, and is Harith’s main source of damage. If there is an enemy hero where Harith landed, Harith will get quite a lot of shields and also steal the Magic Damage hero. After that, Harith’s next attack will deal additional magical damage plus a 70% slow effect. Using this attack will also reduce this cooldown skill by 4 seconds.

This additional damage and reduced cooldowns made Harith’s 2nd skill become his main weapon during battle. Harith will be able to easily spam skill 2, and then attack with Magic Damage which can issue critical effects. If you use the Ultimate skill, it will be easier for you to spam skill 2 to finish off the enemy core hero quickly.

Skill 3 (Age of Force)

skill 3 harith

When Harith uses the Ultimate skill, Harith will create a cross-shaped area. Enemy heroes who are hit by this cross area will reduce their movement speed while in this area. Additionally, Harith’s 1st and 2nd skill’s cooldowns will continue to decrease if used in this area.

Besides being very useful for locking enemies, the effect of reducing the cooldown skill is also very useful. when in the area of ​​the cross, Harith’s 2 skill cooldown can reach a point under 1 second! Always use this skill when ganking or starting a teamfight!

For skill sequences, Skill 2 is the top priority as a constant source of damage. Skill 1 is only used at the beginning of the game and when the enemy comes rollicking. And of course, always raise the Ultimate skill as soon as you have the chance.

How to Play Harith

Early Game

Early game is the weakest moment of Harith. Make sure you focus on farming the minion lane, and also make the most of the jungle so you can quickly buy core items. Enter teamfight only if you are sure you will get a kill or an assist.

Mid Game

After getting the ultimate skill and getting 1 or 2 core items, Harith can start hunting enemy heroes and roam to other lanes. Take advantage of the ultimate skill to lock enemies and continue to use skill 2 to finish them off. Don’t be too afraid of enemy turrets because skill 2 gives you a shield so you can dive a little if the enemy hero you can kill hides in the turret.

Late Game

When it’s late game, Harith’s strength and agility are very difficult to fight. Harith can even do solo ganks towards the enemy hero who is off guard. Not to mention Harith can also do splitpush with skill 2 which can produce around 500 magic damage to the turret. Harith’s usual attacks are actually quite painful as well because of Berserker’s Fury and Windtalker that deal physical damage.


And don’t forget to continue to control and follow the rhythm of the game and do not give space to the enemy hero core! Keep a close eye on enemies who have crowd control and try to gank!

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