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Chess Rush: The Best Warrior Combo or Rider Combo?

Two classes that both have a strong defense, Combo Class Warrior and Combo Class Rider will be useful for attacking while defending. The advantages of these 2 class combos can make your hero formation last longer.

Hero Warrior has the ability to withstand physical damage type attacks, while Hero Rider has a balanced damage reduction for physical damage and magical damage types. In this way, Hero Rider is arguably superior in terms of defense from enemy attacks.

Class Warrior or Class Rider both have flexible combos. Both have quite a lot of variants and hero numbers.

2 This class can be considered type physical damage dealer. Therefore, if you play this 2 class combo, the damage usually is of physical damage type. It’s important to prioritize other combos of the warrior race combos being played.

chess rush riders combo

Excellence Combo Race

When viewed from most of the hero races, Warrior heroes are very suitable combined with Beasts combos. Because there are 2 Warriors, namely Icetusk and Werewolf who have the Beast race that can be directly active if these two hero are used. In effect, the Warriors will have additional damage that is very useful to finish off the enemy front formation.

In addition, the hero Rider Dragoon and Templar Knight have human race. Not only that, the Riders can be juxtaposed to activate other combos such as Undead, Elf, Goblin, and Demon. For Combo stuff, Class Rider is more flexible.

Excellence Upgrade Level

Warrior class will be more easily developed than the Rider. 4 Warrior characters present as Tier 1 characters that are cheaper and can be obtained in the early game round. Meanwhile, Class Rider who is a new Tier 3 character can shine on the midgame-lategame round 20 more.

For those of you who are more practical, choosing Class Warrior can be very helpful. Later, if Class Rider is really needed, you can sell the Tier 1 Warriors that you develop. In this way, there will be no significant loss so that the formation can also survive in some initial waves.

Game Style Excellence

2 This class will have quite different phases and styles. Judging from the type of hero, Class Warrior will easily excel in the early rounds. Meanwhile, players who develop Class Rider will shine in the middle until the end of the game.

Class Warrior combo players in Chess Rush must be careful not to level up too fast. This way, the chance to develop Warrior characters from Tier 1 and 2 will be faster. Meanwhile, Class Rider combo players must be able to save quickly and raise character levels in order to collect Rider heroes in the middle of the game.


What do you think? Do you prefer Class Warrior or Class Rider in Chess Rush? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below,! And don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.Com so you don’t miss out on mobile game information and tips and tricks like this!

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