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Chess Rush: Combo Strategy 2 New Hero Gluttony & Stinger

Chess Rush recently released Season 1 and also presents 2 new heroes undead race Gluttony & Stinger .

This time FajarYusuf.Com will provide tips, strategies, lineups and new combos for the 2 newest Heroes Gluttony (Undead & Warrior) and Stinger (Undead, Assassin).

gluttony combo strategy
stinger combo strategy

Please use strong Warrior and Assassin heroes to create the following combos:

Composition Of Hero Combo

6 Warrior + 3 Assassin + 2 Undead + 2 Oceanborn + 2 Human + 2 Beast + 1 demon.

Buff Combo Obtained

  • Buff Combo 6 Warrior: Increases armor of all allied Warriors by 100.
  • Buff 3 Assassins: Assassin allies become invisible early in the battle. Their first normal attack deals 250% damage. The next attack has a 15% chance to make them invisible.
  • Buff 2 Undead: Reduces armor of all enemies by 20.
  • Buff 2 Oceanborns: Increases magic resistance of all allies to 20.
  • Buff 2 Humans: Returns 3 mana every second for all allies.
  • Buff 2 Beasts: Increases damage from allies by 10% (applies to summoned pets).
  • Buff 1 Demon: When you use only 1 Demon, the attack damage increases by 40%. His attack also caused his target to take 10% more damage for 5 seconds.

Step Purchase Hero

  • LV 1-5: lcetusk, Bangar, General Puffer, Gluttony, Werewolf, Lilith, Stinger, Siren
  • LV 6-7: General of War and the Heroes above
  • LV 8-10: Continue to upgrade the Hero above

Important Point

Use two new Heroes Gluttony (Undead & Warrior) and Stinger (Undead & Assassin) to get a physical damage lineup from Warriors and Assassin. To take advantage of this strategy, this lineup requires 9 heroes.

Plus And Minus Of This Strategy

  • Plus: With Warrior in front as defense and Assassin as damage giver, this lineup also includes many smaller combos, especially Undead combos, which strengthen the Warrior and Assassin lineup.
  • Minus: requires 9 heroes to be fully effective, Gluttony and Stinger are key heroes to be able to produce this strategy combo.

Recommended Formation

  • Front Line: lcetusk, bangar, general puffer, gluttony, werewolf, general of war
  • Back Line: Lilith, Stinger, Siren

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