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Chess Rush: Tips And Guide Combo Dragons & Raiders

Now FajarYusuf.Com will give Combo Hero tips that are popular in Chess Rush: Combo Riders & Dragons.

Below are the details and how to play this combo so you can apply it in a match!.

dragon knight combo

Composition of Race and Class Combos:

  • 6 Riders
  • 3 Dragons
  • 2 Human
  • 1 Demon

Buff Combo Obtained:

  • 6 Riders: 60% chance to get 185 armor and 60% magic resistance for allied riders.
  • 3 Dragons: Instantly return 100 MP at the start of the battle for allied Dragons.
  • 2 Human: All allied units recover 3 MP every second.
  • 1 Demon: When you use only 1 Demon, attack damage increases by 40%. Attack also caused target to take 10% more damage for 5 seconds.

Hero Purchase Order

  • Lv.1-5: Hog Rider, Scourge, Unicorn Cavalier, Templar Knight, Calamity, Moonlight Dragon, Venom
  • Lv.6-7: Dragons and heroes above
  • Lv.8-10: Continue to upgrade levels of the heroes above and buy another legendary hero

Points Combo Riders & Dragon

You can get strong defensive combo from 6 Riders in the early game, but FajarYusuf.Com recommends first reserving Dragon Level 2 before completing all combos.

Plus and Minus

Plus: High armor and high magic resistance. Dragons can deal high damage.
Minus: Highly dependent on high-level Dragons to produce high damage.

Recommended Formation Combo Riders & Dragons

Front Line: Hog Rider, Calamity, Scourge, Templar Knight
Middle Line: Dragoon, Unicorn Cavalier
Back Line: Moonlight Dragon, Venom


That’s the tips & guide for playing Combo Dragons & Raiders in Chess Rush, what do you think? Do you like this combo?

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