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Overpowered Combo In Chess Rush, Cyborg + Assassin

Are you looking for the greatest strategy in Chess Rush?, You might want to try the Cyborg + Assassin lineup! This strategy is great for destroying enemies from the front and back row at the same time.

Lineup & Combos

6 Cyborgs + 4 Engineers + 3 Assassins + 1 Demon

Combo Effects

  • 6 Cyborgs: All Ally Cyborgs get armor +75, HealthPoint recovery +30.
  • 4 Engineers: Ally Engineers get HealthPoint recovery speed +120.
  • 3 Assassins: At the beginning of the battle, Ally Assassins will enter stealth mode. Stealth attacks deal 250% damage. 10% chance of re-entering stealth on attack.
  • 1 Demon: It must be only
    1 Demon, the damage attack will increase by 40%. The attack also causes the target to receive an additional 10% of damage for 5 seconds.

Purchase Order

  • Lv. 1-5 : Bionic Ninja, Miss Supersonic, Steel Fist, Groundsmasher, Stalker Drone S90, Lilith
  • Lv. 6-7 : Sword Dancer, S90 Stalker Drone
  • Lv. 8-10 : The Ultimate Weapon, War Machine, Sword Dancer, S90 Stalker Drone. Heroes whose prices are below 3 Crystal should have been at 3 stars.
Combo cyborg assassin chess rush

Important Point

You must be able to take advantage of powerful combos from 3 Cyborg and 3 Assassins in the early game, so you can secure gold builds and level ups quickly. After reaching Lv.8, start roll to find The Ultimate Weapon or War Machine to get 6 Cyborg combos and fill the lineup.

Plus Minus Combo Features

Plus: Thick armor and good recovery. Strong against physical damage type enemies.

Minus: Weak against the Sorcerer lineup

Formation Recommendations

Front Row: Steel Fist, Groundsmasher, The Ultimate Weapon

Back Row: Miss Supersonic, S90 Stalker Drone, Terminater, Sword Dancer, Bionic Ninja, Lilith


That’s the tips for using Combo Cyborg + Assassin in Chess Rush, what do you think?

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