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Tips Race Dragon & Class Mage Combo Auto Chess Mobile

The combo meta now is the dragon mage combo in the game Auto Chess Mobile after the presence of a new hero who has the race Dragon and class Mage. The popularity of the combo has defeated the Divinity Mage Combo that was previously in the top tier of Auto Chess Mobile.The power of the Dragon Mage combo is due to which the race Dragon will automatically be fully charged and can use skill abilities instantly, while the class Mage synergy will increase the strength of the skill abilities of the hero they have.

How to Play Mage Dragon Combo

In the early game players who want to use the Dragon Mage combo must be patient. Because at the time of early game hero mage is rarely found and is very weak. Players can take Warrior heroes in advance such as God of War, Stone Spirit, or Tusk Champions. While Mage heroes such as The Source and Winter Chiropteran must first be stored on a bench or can be used in the back position.
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Entering the midgame player must overhaul the hero he has. Players must search for rare and epic Mage heroes such as the Flamming Wizard, Thunder Spirit and Tortola Elder and must be combined with rare and epic Dragon or Warrior heroes such as Venom, Dragon Knight, Werewolf and Pirate Captain. Common warrior heroes that were previously owned can sell players to get top tier heroes.
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