combo void tank protostar

How to Play Strategy Combo Void Tank Warrior Chess Rush

The release of a new unit called Protostar has provided a variety of the latest strategy combos in the Chess Rush game, and also provides a new class that is Tank replacing the previous Engineer class that was removed by the developer.Protostar has a Void race and a Tank class, this has added a new synergy effect, the Combo 3 Void which will drain the enemy’s HP at the start of the game by as much as 90% which makes the enemy quickly decrease by 1 hero at the start of the match. This will make the game easier to win.Do you want to know how easy it is to win the game in Chess Rush using the Void, Tank and Warrior combos? Immediately, see how to play the following:

In Early Game Take the Warrior Unit

In the early game, you don’t need to think about other heroes in the shop. Simply focus on Warrior heroes, which are usually easy to find during early games. Hero warriors that are easily available include Steel Fist, Ice Tusk, and General Puffer.Not only getting the Warrior combo, you can also get several other combo synergies such as Eastern or Cyborg which are usually often found in the shop. If you’re lucky, you can get a Werewolf that is very useful at the beginning of the game with the skill summon that presents 3 heroes at once in the arena.
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