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How to Play Strategy Combo Void Tank Warrior Chess Rush

void warrior tank combo

Use a Flexible Combo While Collecting Voids and Tanks

Indeed, sometimes the plan does not go smoothly, the shop usually presents a Hero that the player does not need. Take a temporary flexible Hero who has the possibility to appear in a high shop or has a correlation with Tanks and Void like Cyborg or Sorcerer.With this flexible synergy combo you can survive attacks during the mid game round, and usually some Void heroes like Destruction and some pretty good Warrior Heroes like General of War or The Executioner will appear in the shop, and buy immediately if you see it.

Do not be wasteful where you can easily find a hero

In the phase mid gamelate game will be the determinant of your victory. To find out whether the strategy you have applied is successful or not, you must have one of the two Legendary heroes from Void or Tank. Because the hero is important for this combo when you enter the late game phase, and usually the enemy has a more better strategy.
void tank warrior combo

Combo 3 Void Must Be Obtained

Basically this combo will be filled by 6 Warriors, 2 Tanks, and 3 Void, but you have to be able to play flexibly, you can condition that if Nebula is a Legendary hero with the price of 5 mana crystals with a low rate of possibility has not been found.
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