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How to Play Strategy Combo Void Tank Warrior Chess Rush

You can replace the void Nebula with a Hero Tank like the T3000 Terminator which has a fairly large Area attack. If you don’t have both, you can use Double Destruction temporarily as an attacker with a wide enough area while waiting for the Nebula to appear in the shop.
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===That’s how to play the Void, Tank and Warrior Combo by FajarYusuf.Com. This strategy combo is a strategy that is easy to memorize because it only focuses on 3 types of race / class. Moreover, Warrior heroes are quite easy to find at the beginning of the game so it’s easy to carry out strategies at the beginning of the game.But you must remember, there is a basic weakness of this strategy, which is very dependent on the combo 3 Void. Because it can reduce 90% of HP 1 random enemy instantly at the start of a match that makes you win the number of units.
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