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Current Meta Imbalance In Cess Rush: CYBORG Auto Win!

On July 30, Chess Rush made a patch update. After trying new meta contained in updated balanced hero this time, FajarYusuf.Com found a combo hero who was quite imbalance.

And the strongest meta combo currently guaranteed to be auto win is Cyborg Combo which has become a meta imbalance in the latest patch updates.

Cyborg heroes before July 30 patch update are strong, and in this patch it will be stronger, here is an explanation:

Cyborg Gets Stronger And Gets Buff

combo cyborg auto chess

Steel Fist and Groundsmasher, as Cyborg Tanks get buffs! Therefore, they are now getting stronger.

Steel Fist now has higher armor, HP, and damage due to getting buffs. Details:

Armor: 25 >> 35
Mobile: 2200/4400/8800 >> 2400/4800/9600
Damage: 150/225/300 >> 200/300/400

Groundsmasher also has additional armor and produces more true damage. Details:

Armor: 35 >> 50
Damage: 450/600/750 >> 500/700/900

Stalker Drone does get nerf, but the laser beam skill with the true damage it has is still deadly!

The maximum target hit: 3/4/5 >> only three targets.

Buff Regen HP Class Engineer

HP Skill Regen owned by Cyborg Engineers, and in the patch update now the number of regen HPs is increasing! This is a very useful Cyborg buff.

As we know, almost all Cyborg are Engineers, except Bionic Ninja and Stalker Drones.

Buff Regen HP Engineer.

2 +45 HP Regen Engineer >> + 60 HP Regen
4 +120 HP Regen Engineer >> +150 HP Regen

Engineers that are easily available in early games include:

Miss Supersonic
Steel Fist

As in the hero above, Steel Fist and Groundsmasher have received additional armor.

Yep, with an increase in the class Engineer, of course the combo Cyborg-Engineer will be a terrible opponent.

Because with +60 HP regen, which means hero can overcome 30% to 40% of damage received,

Legendary Heroes Become Easier to Get

The lack of a Cyborg combo is needed at least 1 Legendary Hero. And in fact, the chance of a legendary hero is only 1% , especially if the new team reaches level 8.

Yep, therefore, you have to make team reach level 9, where the chance of a legendary hero will increase to 3% .

With AoE skills possessed by Legendary Hero, you can easily do crowd control, and get +180 regen HP!

The Determinant of This Cyborg Combo Victory is Early Game

With a good early game, when you reach level 8, the victory is definitely obtained, because the Cyborg combo will feel Overpowered at level 8.


What do you think? Are there other hero classes that have become Imbalance after the July 30 patch update besides Cyborg?

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