Get Free Skin Knockout Swing at the KO Night Free Fire (FF) Event

Do you want to know how to get the Free Skin Knockout Swing at the KO Night Free Fire (FF) Event?

To celebrate the release of the OB27 major update on the mobile battle-royale game Free Fire (FF), Garena has released a new event entitled KO Night.

This KO Night event presents various kinds of free item prizes just like the Booyah Ramadhan event.

One of the prize items that players can get is the Knockout Swing skin bat! In this article will tell you how to get this skin!

To get the Free Knockout Swing skin, players must complete Phase 2: KO Night which is available at the KO Night event! Skin Knockout Swing free fire

This is a damage mission so players must collect and produce as much damage as possible to reach the target that has been installed.

Mission Phase 2: KO Night will start from April 24-25, 2021, and the following is a list of missions that must be completed along with item prizes that players can get:

  • Deal 1500 damage: 2 Rockie Boxes
  • Deal 3000 damage: 1 Incubator Voucher +1 In-game Bonus
  • Deal 6000 damage: Skin Bat Knockout Swing + 1 Incubator Voucher

Yep, that’s how you get the Knockout Swing skin for free at the KO Night Free Fire (FF) Event, so don’t miss it!

Source: booyah


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