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Genshin Impact Beginner Tips That Players Should Know

Genshin Impact is an open world Action RPG game that was just released by miHoYo (Honkai Impact developer). Like RPG games in general, there is a lot that players can do in-game. Starting from exploring the vast Tevyat map, defeating monsters with a party and much more. If you are just trying to play Genshin Impact, there are a few useful tips & tricks for beginner in this article, here are the tips:

Mark Location On Map

The first Genshin Impact beginner tips is to mark the map, because the world in this game is very wide, players will often find unsolved puzzles. For that, use the mark feature on the map. Mark the location of each puzzle on the unsolved map. In Genshin Impact, players can put up to 99 marks on the map. Use this feature for other useful locations. Such as the location where ingredients for cooking, mineral ore, or secret locations that can give random items.

Teleport To Portal When Near Death

When the character is about to die, players can try this method. When players fight with monsters in the world and are almost hit by the last hit, immediately press M to open the map and teleport to the selected portal. This is to avoid the character from dying and having to resurrect it with cooking.

fajaryusuf.com Tips Pemula Genshin Impact beginner a

Watch Stamina

Stamina is a fairly important mechanic in Genshin Impact. Stamina is used for character physical activities such as running, climbing, swimming, gliding, and launching charge attacks. Pay attention to the use of stamina, if the stamina runs out while swimming the player will sink. And if it runs out while climbing, the player will fall.

When climbing and your stamina is about to run out but you haven’t reached the destination, immediately jump and do a dive attack. This method is great for avoiding a character’s HP from being reduced or dying. Remember, to do a dive attack you also have to have stamina left. If the stamina is empty, the player cannot do the dive attack.

Activate the Artifact Set Effect

Not only weapons, Genshin Impact also has Artifact as equipment to support character strength. Choose an Artifact that is suitable for a certain character and try to take advantage of the Artifact set effect bonus. Players can combine four bonuses at once or split them into two different bonuses. For example, using 2 sets of Adventurers and 2 sets of Berserker or using 4 sets of Berserker at once.

Use the Statue of Seven

Use the Statue of Seven to fill up the character’s healthpoint which is running low to save food stocks. After fighting with ordinary monsters or mini bosses in the world, players can go to the Statue of Seven to recharge their HP. In this way, cooked food can be used against Elite Boss in the map with co-op or solo.

Use Primogems Wisely

Resin is a fairly important resource in Genshin Impact and is used to open gift chests against Elite Bosses or in temples. When the Resin player runs out, don’t refill it too often using Primogems. The resin will fill in every 8 minutes and the total resin that can be stored is 120. Use Primogems wisely.

Don’t Often Gacha Characters

Players can indeed get characters by means of Gacha in Genshin Impact. As a suggestion, especially for F2P players, don’t gacha too often to get characters. Use resources for the occasional gacha weapon.

Activate Element Reaction Effects

The element effect system in Genshin Impact is indeed very important. Practice changing characters in the middle of battle to get reactions from each character’s elements. Also determine the combination of each element so that the resulting damage can be maximized and helps to defeat monsters.

Don’t Upgrade All Characters

Also avoid upgrading all the characters you have, especially at the beginning of the game. Choose one or two suitable characters, increase the strength of these characters. Materials to increase character strength are limited and difficult to obtain. So this method can save on material usage to increase character strength.


When Adventure Rank reaches level 16, the co-op feature will be unlocked. Use this feature to search for material with other players. The co-op feature in Genshin Impact can load 4 players and players don’t need to fight for prizes when they beat the Elite Boss. All players will definitely get it, but the results are still random. So often play with other Genshin Impact players when fighting bosses or going to dungeons to collect the materials you are looking for.


Those are some of the Genshin Impact beginner tips that players should know. Download Genshin Impact, click HERE.


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