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Genshin Impact Tier List – Complete and Detailed With Explanation

Genshin Impact is an action RPG game developed by miHoYo, this game has been officially released with a warm welcome by players. In the game the player will control a group of four characters at once. Each character has a weapon and elements associated with it, as well as a unique set of active and passive skills. Players must be able to combine weapons, elements, and skills for each character, and some characters are definitely stronger than other characters, here is the Genshin Impact tier list that fajaryusufdotcom has prepared for players.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List

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Tier-S characters are the best of the best. Strong, very useful to use, and effective both by itself and when playing Genshin Impact Co-op. These characters most often represent combos of weapons and elements that work together really well, allowing them to take on any enemy.

  • Diluc : Pyro elements. *5. Claymore. Diluc’s Elemental Burst and Charged Attacks allow him to deal massive single target damage as well as scatter it over a wide area. His Pyro powers are also great for exploring the open world in Genshin Impact.
  • Keqing : Electro elements. *5. Sword. Keqing is a user-friendly character, with easy and effective melee attacks. Can attack from a distance, and the power of Electro can cause massive Elemental Reactions.
  • Venti : Anemo element. *5. Bow. Bow Venti makes him a formidable boss assassin, able to accurately target weak spots. Also can avoid attacks easily using Anemo’s power.
  • Qiqi : Cryo element. *5. Sword. Qiqi’s basic Sword attack is easy to use and effective. Cryo Qiqi can freeze enemies, deal Cryo damage over time, and even heal Allies.
  • Mona : Hydro element. *5. Catalyst. Hydro Mona’s power grants him several unique movement options, allowing him to quickly traverse the battlefield. The Catalyst weapon also allows Mona to deal elemental damage with basic attacks, and can easily adjust Reactions with Skills.
  • Jean : Anemo’s element. *5. Sword. Jean can knock enemies back with her wind attack, potentially knocking them off cliffs and into holes. Jean can also draw enemies in, allowing Jean to fight in his own way.


Tier-A characters are characters that are only slightly inferior when compared to Tier-S.

  • Xiao : Anemo element. *5. Polearm. Xiao’s ability to fly, is very useful for exploration, and the combo of Elemental Skills is also good with Anemo elements. Polearm Xiao allows swift attacks, allowing it to overwhelm the enemy with attacks.
  • Klee : Pyro elements. *5. Catalyst. A powerful long-range character, Klee’s bomb allows him to damage multiple targets at once. Elemental Skill Klee is useful for summoning mines, which can be detonated to cover a large area on the battlefield.
  • Barbara : Hydro elements. *4. Catalyst. Barbara is a great support character, able to heal parties. Barbara’s Hydro Skill also allows to cover large areas in water, making it easy to set up Elemental Reactions.
  • Fischl : Electro elements. *4. Bow. Fischl is an Electro character who combines a powerful Lightning attack with the crow, Oz. While Fischl’s elemental skills deal AoE damage, Fischl’s bow allows for precise strikes.
  • Chongyun : Cryo element. *4. Claymore. Even though Chongyun attacks slowly, claymore Chongyun can hit the enemy hard. Chongyun can also use Cryo skills to imbue swords with Frost damage.
  • Razor : Electro element. *4. Claymore. Razor is useful in close combat, dealing massive damage with claymore. Razor’s Elemental Skill increases melee attacks.


Tier-B characters are quite useful in every condition, having a weakness that keeps them out of tier A. Even though it’s not a bad choice to use them as a party in Genshin Impact, they are often used by other players.

  • Traveler : Anemo element. *5. Sword. An attack that is easy to target using either PC, PS4, or mobile controls. Traveler’s wind attack also provides skills to attack a large area.
  • Ningguang : Geo elements. *4. Catalyst. Ningguang is a tough character who specializes in defensive skills. The shield protects against ranged attacks, and can return fire with a tracking jewel.
  • Xingqiu : Hydro element. *4. Sword. Xingqiu’s explosion allowed it to cover multiple enemies in the water.
  • Sucrose : Anemo element. *4. Catalyst. Sucrose can deal useful elemental damage, and the Sucrose Skill allows you to control the battlefield with Wind.
  • Lisa : Electro element. *4. Catalyst. As an Electro-user, Lisa can hit multiple targets at once with elemental damage. Lisa’s Lightning Power is also useful for Elemental Reactions, causing a large amount of damage.
  • Xiangling : Pyro elements. *4. Polearm. A great low-level exploration character, Xiangling is very agile. Xiangling’s melee attacks were easy to use, and Xiangling’s Burst skill had a wide area of ​​effect.


Tier-C characters are the weakest characters, and will often find it difficult to match their partymates. However, they can be useful early in the game, before high tier Player characters can be acquired.

  • Noelle : Geo elements. *4. Claymore. A formidable frontline character, Noelle can protect others even when out of the field.
  • Traveler : Geo elements. *5. Sword. Can attack a large area at once.
  • Amber : Pyro elements. *4. Bow. Pyro’s skills and Amber’s precision bow make him a worthy explorer.
  • Beidou : Electro element. *4. Claymore.
  • Bennett : Pyro elements. *4. Sword.
  • Kaeya : Cryo element. *4. Sword.

Genshin Impact Tier List China Server Version

CharacterRarityDamageExplorationParty SetupDungeonTier
MC (Anemo)5AAAAA

Genshin Impact Tier List .GG Version

fajaryusuf.com Tier List Genshin Impact char complete b
CharOverallExploreBoss DungeonAbyss
Traveler (Anemo)BBBBA
Traveler (Geo)BSBBB


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