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GG Tips How to Play Baxia Mobile Legends

Baxia is a newly released hero tank, with very unique abilities and basic attributes. In terms of specialization, Baxia can become an Initiator because of Shield Unity skill. This skill made him quite terrible on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, from the basic attribute status, Baxia has a relatively low level of defense as a Tank. Thus, he is relatively weaker in survival ability compared to other Hero Tanks.

Yep, FajarYusuf.Com now will give some GG tips on how to play Baxia. Through the GG tips that will be given, you can maximize your skills and minimize the weaknesses that Baxia has.

Use Baxia to Become a Roamer

One of the main capabilities of Baxia is roaming. Baxia can quickly rotate or move from one lane to another because of its Unity Shield.

This skill can be optimized to attack or defend a turret / tower. So, you can maintain a battle dominance in one particular lane.

By maintaining the momentum and rhythm of the battle, Baxia can maintain the dominance status of a team with excellent roaming abilities. Because, the number of heroes in a fight team / war team will greatly affect the likelihood of winning.

In addition, by maximizing roaming capabilities, Baxia can also become a Hero Initiator that kicks off and breaks the enemy’s rhythm.

Assault Enemies with Unity Shield Skill

shield unity baxia

Not only known as a Tank, Baxia is also known as a reliable initiator. Armed with the ability of Shield Unity, Baxia can quickly capture the enemies he is after.

In addition, this skill can also break and put a halt to enemy movement for a moment. Thus, the ganking process can run much smoother with great opportunities to kill enemies.

With mature execution and teamwork, Baxia can help a teammate to kill one Hero. It is very good to take the momentum and keep the team in Gold and EXP excellence. Baxia can also provide opportunities for teammates to develop much faster.

Always Spam Shield of Spirit

Shield of Spirit Baxia

Shield of Spirit is a Baxia skill 2 that can deal 300 (+80% Magic Power) Magic Damage. Not only that, the Shield of Spirit can also give a signal to the enemy that causes a 50% reduction in HP regeneration effect.

By use, Shield of Spirit is very possible to be spam (used simultaneously in a short time). Because, when the Shield of Spirit succeeds in attacking the affected Hero, the use of the cooldown duration is reduced by 85%.

The skill will be very influential if used to withstand the regeneration ability of HP against a Tank or Fighter with lifesteal abilities in battle.

In addition, the optimal use of Shield of Spirit can have relatively significant damage effects. In early game (on lane), Shield of Spirit can do a lot of damage to repel enemy Heroes.

Baxia Requires Item Defense

Baxia Armor Tips

As a hero tank, Baxia has one fatal flaw. This disadvantage is a relatively low level of defense.

With this relatively low defense status, Baxia is not a strong hero tank compared to other Hero Tanks. This makes it must be played carefully.

The relatively low level of defense prevents Baxia from having good survival abilities. In a corner position, he can easily be killed by the enemy. Or, when he is on the front lines of a battle, he can be dying in a relatively short time.

These conditions can be anticipated by buying several items supporting defense levels. Examples such as Antique Cuiras, Athena’s Shield, or Dominance Ice. You can also buy HP Regen items such as Sky Guardian Helmet or Oracle if needed.

Maximize Ulimate Skills

Tortoise’s Puissance is the ultimate skill that allows Baxia to remove lava from its shield for 10 seconds. The skill can deal 60 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and an additional 30% movement speed.

In short, Tortoise’s Puissance is the highest Damage-over-Time (DoT) capability possessed by Baxia. The virtue of this skill is its ability to deal high damage to surrounding enemies in a short amount of time.

By optimizing Tortoise’s Puissance, Baxia can push or finish off nearby enemies in a short amount of time. Although it is relatively difficult to position and kill enemy heroes in an instant, at least he is able to damage the area to reduce enemy HP by a large amount.


Broadly speaking, Baxia’s game style is very similar to other Hero Tanks. However, Baxia is equipped with relatively high initiator and damage-over-time skills.

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