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Guide Tips on How to Play Black Desert Mobile For Beginners

For those of you who still don’t quite understand or are beginners playing mobile game MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, you can read the following tips:

Class Selection & Character Customization

Black desert mobile class

The first thing you can do at the beginning of the game is to choose the available class. There are a total of 5 classes that you can choose from Black Desert Mobile, including Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Valkyrie and Giant. Choose the character that suits you best and start customizing characters, from head to toe to your liking!

If someday you feel unsuitable or bored with the appearance of characters that have been made, you can replace it by using an Appearance coupon that you can get through purchases at the Store.

Map & Mini Map

Map of Black Desert Mobile

You can see the mini map in the upper left corner of the screen, you can also enlarge the map to see each location and area more clearly. List options are also available so you can see the entire NPC that offers Quest or items that are for sale.

Pet Selection

Pet black desert mobile

You can have up to a maximum of 3 pets. The main task of the pet is to take items from the monsters that you managed to defeat. In addition, pets also have different skills and abilities that you can take full advantage of! The skill and ability of a pet are random unknown.

Bonus Effect

Bonus black desert mobile effect

In the HealthPoint character bar section, you can see the Bonus Effect. Click the Bonus Effect to see the details of the buff and Bonus Effect that are currently active. At the bottom, you can see the Bonus Effect, Gear Resonance and Accessory Resonance .

Specifically for Resonance, you can activate the bonus-set when all of your Gear reaches +15, Accessories +2 or 3 and you already have CP above 1,900.

Black Spirit

Black Spirit black desert mobile

Black Spirit will help all the characters that are in one Family name. In addition, Black Spirit offers a perk Advertisement which is very useful for characters on every 5 levels such as Auto Gathering and quests offered by Black Spirit will also provide more rewards.

To increase the level of Perk Black Spirit, you need a Light Stone. Light Stone consists of various levels marked with colors such as white, green, blue, purple, orange and so on. Light Stone can also be fused if you have at least 3 of the same color.

To increase the level of Black Spirit, you need Dark Energy, or unused Weapons, Armors and Accessories. The higher the Black Spirit level is, the more skills will be possessed. The Black Spirit skill can also be used in Combat.


Black desert mobile dungeon


Inside the Ruins, you will be faced with two choices namely Create Chamber and Quick Join. Ruins are closely related to your Combat Power (CP), so you will not be able to enter the Ruins if your Combat Power does not meet the requirements.

Rush Board

Rush Board is a dungeon that will make you will fight Boss. The boss you fight has power based on the Combat Power you have. The higher the Boss level you fight, the better reward you will get.


Black desert mobile skills

Each skill has its own Skill Book. Raise the skill level as soon as you have the required Skill Book. On the left, you can see examples of movement skills and their effects, if you press the icon + button you can see what additional effects will be there when the skill level is upgraded.

On the right, you can see all the skills that exist in the character. You can also set skill sets for certain battles such as special skills for PvP, Boss Fight, and PvE.

PvP mode

Black desert mobile PvP mode

Ramoness Arena is a place where players can do PvP or Player vs Player. Here you will join 2 other people and form a team to fight another team. You can form your own team by pressing the Create a Team button or enter the team randomly by pressing the Quick Join button.

Guild system

Black desert mobile guild system

You are advised to join the Guild or form your own Guild, so you can get a variety of interesting features such as Guild Quest, Guild Mileage, Guild Skills and other benefits. In the guild you can do tasks that appear randomly every day.

You can also shop at Shakatu’s Gear Shop to get Legendary Gear by using Coins that you have collected from the results of working on Quests or Tasks available at the Guild.


That’s a guide to playing Black Desert Mobile tips for beginners, hopefully with the article above you can get a little understanding of the features in Black Desert Mobile and how to use it.

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