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Chess Rush Heroes Must Be Purchased To Win Early Games

Combo Hero is still the main strategy to be able for win the match in Chess Rush. However, in early game you should choose the right hero to win every game.

Yep, because a good early game can be your determinant in order to save a lot of mana and items to be more dominating during late games. FajarYusuf.Com will tell you what heroes are good for early games, so you become invincible!


Lilith chess rush

Class Hero: Demon – Killer

Hero Demon is the strongest hero in the early game. If there is only one Demon Hero on the team, the damage will increase by 40%, and the target affected by attack will be attacked by 10% greater damage for 5 seconds.

Lilith has a basic attack that can reach 240 from normal 172, due to the effects of 1 Demon Hero. He will easily kill opponents with low HP.

Lilith Combo & Item Recommendations:

Combo: Combo with Class Punisher, and be the only 1 Demon in the team.

Item: Spellbane – which regen after dealing damage.


Flamecaller chess rush

Class Hero: Human – Sorcerer

The ultimate skill possessed by Flamecaller deals enormous damage in early game.

With 1500 magic damage that only cooldown for 6 seconds!. If the target dies, the remaining damage will attack other nearby enemies.

Recommended Combos & Items Flamecaller:

Combo : Hero Tank to protect it

Combo : Human Hero to increase the amount of mana regen.

Item : Spellbane – which regen after dealing damage.

Forest’s Breath

Forest’s Breath chess rush

Class Hero: Elf – Hunter

Forest’s Breath has an attack speed of 0.9 per second, the fastest attack speed in Chess Rush currently. His Ultimate skill deals 1200 magic damage along the straight path in front of him.

In this way, Forest’s Breath can easily kill level one heroes in early game.

Combo & Item Recommendations Forest’s Breath:

Combo : 3 Elf heroes in the team to increase survivability.

Combo : 3 Hunter heroes to increase damage by 25%.

Item : Piercing Dagger – increases attack speed

The Devourer

The Devourer chess rush

Class Hero: Demon – Punisher

The Devourer’s ultimate skill will make it a frightening demon, because it can reduce the enemy’s health, randomly, by 50%.

By getting bonus damage and attack speed, The Devourer can produce 336 damage in a single attack, The Devourer is the biggest damage hero in early game.

Combo & Item Recommendations The Devourer:

Combo : Class Punisher to get Combo 4 Class Punisher with 3 Demon in the team.

Item : Piercing Dagger – increases attack speed

Item : Critical – increases damage


Wukong chess rush

Class Hero: Furry – Warrior

Wukong is the most annoying warrior due to AoE skill that produces 150 magic damage per second to enemies around his skill round.

Even though he only has 1800 HP, Wukong can be a hero who is hard to defeat in early game, especially when there are other Furry classes in the team, will increase his HP to 2600.

Combo & Item Recommendations Wukong:

Combo : 2 Hero Furry to increase HP to 2600

Item : Defensive armor – increases armor

Even though the heroes above are strong enough with their solos, still they must have a class/hero combo to be invincible. Yep, every hero needs a combo that is right and right so he is not defeated by an opponent. To learn chess rush combos you can click here .

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