free epic skin mobile legends m3 box

How to get free Epic Skins at Event BOX M3 Mobile Legends

Possibly on December 6, 2021, Moonton will present a free Epic Skin for Mobile Legends players. This event will be presented on the M3 Pass with the title Party Week. How to get this Epic Skin is also very easy. Players only need to complete missions and upgrade an M3 Box to level 5.

Players can participate in this new event without having to buy an M3 Pass. At the event there are Normal, Elite, Epic and Special Skins that can be obtained for free. Normal Skins will be in Box Level 1, Normal and Elite Skins will be in Box Level 2, Elite Skins will be at level 3, Elite and Special Skins will be in Box Level 4, then Special and Epic Skins will be in Box Level 5.

free epic skin mobile legends m3 box

How to get a free Epic Skin in Mobile Legends on an M3 Box:

  1. Login to Mobile Legends on December 6, 2021 and click the M3 Logo in the upper left corner
  2. Next, the M3 Tournament Pass will appear. Then click the Party Week button at the top right
  3. A BOX M3 will appear that players can upgrade to Level 5
  4. Complete all missions provided to level up and get free Epic Skins
  5. Players should not click the “Open Now” button , if the player immediately opens the box, what will be obtained is a Normal Skin. Level up BOX M3 first to Level 5 to get an Epic Skin for free in Mobile Legends.

There are several missions that players can complete to level up BOX M3 to get free Epic Skins, including playing matches in Classic/Rank/Brawl/Magic Chess Mode, Shre Event, and purchasing an M3 Pass.


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