List of Latest Final Gear Promo Codes October 2021

As usual every month, just like mobile games in general, Final Gear RPG games often provide various kinds of prize items that can be claimed for free by players. Yep, the players’ favorite is claiming promo codes that are officially available and allow players to get various kinds of in-game item prizes, and now there is a list of Final Gear October 2021 promo codes.

If players want to get various premium items for free, players should claim this promo code quickly because this promo code has a limited quota and time limit. Claim prizes from Final Gear can be through in-game. Get various in-game item prizes.

Final Gear October 2021 Promo Codes List:

  • FGCC10A1
  • FGSNS002
  • FGSNS001
  • GachaGamer
  • CDawgVA
  • ShortyBlueJova
  • Flash
  • VinIsHere
  • OhBIGz
  • MechaGaikotsu
  • BorkonoGaming
  • MRSilver
  • FGCC10A1
  • YDCBGames
  • Trashtaste
  • FG3000
  • Mtashed
  • MangoSeven
  • Cha0tik
  • SomeMoe

final gear codes promo

How to Claim Final Gear Promo Code:

  1. Select the Settings option (click the arrow to expand the menu under profile if you can’t see the Settings menu)
  2. Select the Enter Activation Code option
  3. Type the code and select Confirm. Item rewards will be automatically credited to the account

You have to remember that this Final Gear promo code is not always active and can be used. Each code has a different time limit and has a claim limit quota. If you can’t claim 1 promo code, try another code that can be used. So don’t be late and the limit runs out before you claim!


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