This is List Redeem Codes Illusion Connect Players Can Claim

For players who want a free gift in the mobile RPG game Illusion Connect, here fajaryusufdotcom will give it, because in this article there is a list of redeem codes for the game that players can claim.

These codes can be claimed to get some interesting items, including EXP, gold, and many more. Not only that, if you are lucky, players can also find codes that contain diamonds when claimed. For players who have just played this mobile game, it will certainly be greatly helped by the list of redeem codes. Code Redeem code Illusion Connect

The following is a list of Illusion Connect redeem codes for the period February 2021:

  • #ICHERSEY (Rewards: 10x Silver Partner Stones, 20x Nightmare Bottle M, 30k Gold)
  • #illusion (Rewards: 50 Diamonds, 20k Gold, 10x Nightmare Bottle M)
  • # ICSV02 (Rewards: 100x Diamonds)
  • #BESTIC (Rewards: 1x Trinity SR Partner, SR Gear Chest, 200k Gold, 30x Nightmare Bottle M, 5x Cheese Croissant)
  • #newshowgo (10x Summon Tickets, 60 Stamina)
  • #ICONNECT (Rewards: 5x SSR Broken Destiny Prism, 30x Nightmare Bottle M, 50k Gold

If you don’t know how to redeem the Illusion Connect code, follow these steps:

  • Open the Character Info menu by pressing the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Open the Redeem tab which is located just below the profile tags
  • Enter the redeem code (make sure to include the hashtag “”)
  • Then Confirm if you have entered the code, and the code is successfully used

For the record, the list of redeem codes above may increase or expire at any time. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if some of the code above cannot be used. So go ahead and try!


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