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Released! This is Tier List One Punch Man: The Strongest

A mobile game adapted from the popular anime and manga series, and the main character Saitama who has a bald hair with extraordinary strength has been released, yep One Punch Man: The Strongest was released today on June 16.

The game developed by PlayCrab and published by OurPalm provides simple and easy gameplay, also with the original storyline from the One Punch Man series. When playing it, you can enjoy the exciting story line from Saitama and other heroes.

Previously, OPM: The Strongest had already reached 4 million registrants, certainly a very good number for mobile games. OPM publisher: The Strongest will share the iPhone 11 which will be drawn via live streaming on 19 June.

fajaryusuf.com Tier Punch Man's One Strongest hero list

And for those of you who are confused about the tier list of heroes in One Punch Man: The Strongest, you can follow the list below:

Child EmperorSSR88.5
Atomic SamuraiSSR109.5
Tornado of TerrorSSR109.5
Subterranean KingSSR87.5
Vaccine ManSSR87
Tanktop MasterSSR88
Deep Sea KingSSR89
Kabuto CarnageSSR9.510
Superalloy DarkshineSSR8.510
Prisoner castlesSSR3reroll
The Metal BatSSR58.5
Metal KnightSSR910
Silver FangSSR99
Speed-o-sound SonicSSR75
Smile ManSR76
Blizzard of HellSR6.56
Kombu InfinitySR44
Dr. GenusSR8.57.5
Mosquito GirlSR66
Golden BallSR8.58
Amai MaskSR8.58
Beast KingSR86
Sky KingSR66
tier list one punch man the strongest

Developer: PlayCrab

Publisher: OurPalm

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