Pet In Mobile Battle Royale Game Free Fire Currently In META

You must buy! This is Pet in the battle royale mobile game Free Fire which is currently on META! Pets in Free Fire are animals that always accompany players during matches and have various skills. The update for the Free Fire game seems to have affected the META pet used by players. And for now the most useful pets in META are the following:

Pet Free Fire: Robo pet meta free fire robo mr waggor falco ff a

Robo is the pet that most players use. Because Robo is able to provide additional shields to players, and this is certainly very helpful for protection.

Pet Free Fire: Falco pet meta free fire robo mr waggor falco ff b

Many say that every time you play in squad mode, one player must use this pet. Because Falco has skills that can give additional speed when first getting off the plane because it makes looting faster.

Pet Free Fire: Mr. Waggor pet meta free fire robo mr waggor falco ff c

Of late Mr. popularity. Waggor greatly improved, and also this pet was often used during the FFML Season II yesterday. Many say that the reason for using Mr Waggor is because he can make his own Gloo Wall.

That’s the Pet that is currently the most useful in META Free Fire, what do you think?

Source: Free Fire


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