This is the Redeem Code for PUBG Mobile Third Anniversary Celebration

For PUBG Mobile third anniversary celebration, various kinds of events have been held. This includes sharing the PUBG Mobile redeem code to claim various attractive prizes

PUBG Mobile is a mobile battle-royale game by Tencent adapted from the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). And it turns out, the enthusiasm for the game players around the world is very high, even this mobile game is a huge success in the mobile market.

PUBG is one of the games that popularized the Battle Royale genre, the emergence of PUBG Mobile has made the genre more and more popular in the global market. Redeem The third third pubg mobile code

As explained above, for the 3rd anniversary of PUBG Mobile, they shared a number of redeem codes for claim players, here is the code list:


How to claim the codes above is very easy, here are the steps:

  • Open the PUBGM redeem claim page, click HERE
  • Complete the fields starting with the character ID, redeem code, and verification code
  • The character ID can be found in the in-game profile which contains a row of numbers under the player’s nickname
  • Fill in the redeem code column with the code that we listed above
  • Enter the verification code that is already provided
  • After all the requirements above have been met, click Redeem
  • Prizes that are claimed with the code above will be sent immediately to PUBG Mobile in-game mail

Because this redeem code is still fresh, it’s better for players to immediately claim some of the codes above to get attractive prizes at PUBG Mobile.


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