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Not Legendary, These Are The Strongest Heroes In Chess Rush!

Is the Legendary Hero the strongest hero in Chess Rush?, Apparently not!

Because it’s hard to get, even to the same degree , heroes with lower tiers are actually stronger, and it’s also easy to get.

Yep, in this article FajarYusuf.Com has made a list of the strongest heroes in Chess Rush. These heroes are not Legendary Heroes!

Hero Sorcerer: Flamecaller

chess rush's strongest hero Flamecaller

Flamecaller is a rare hero. The Ultimate skill Flamecllaer deals massive magic damage to one target, becoming the Strongest Hero in early gamemid game.

Recommended Flamecaller Combo:

  • Combo Human: Will give mana regen for Flamecaller. With 4/6 Human combos, Flamecaller can get mana back 100 and reset its cooldown skill.
  • Combo 3 Sorcerer: helps to reduce enemy magic resistance, making it difficult for enemies to face magic damage Flamecaller.

Recommended Flamecaller Items:

  • Spellbane: To get mana regen, due to Flamecaller’s ultimate skill cooldown which is only 6 seconds, which deals 1500 magic damage for one-star heroes.

Hero Hunter: Stalker Drone

chess rush's strongest hero Stalker Drone

Stalker Drone is also a rare hero. Despite having low HealthPoint, however, Stalker Drone has the highest damage in Chess Rush. If player uses it, player must protect it so that it can continue to inflict damage to the enemy.

Recommended Stalker Drone Combo:

  • Combo 6 Hunter: to increase damage by 60%.
  • Goblin Combo: in order to increase attack speed, which makes it possible to use passive skills, and also produce splash damage to nearby enemies.
  • Combo Warrior/Rider : to make it produce continuous damage because it is protected by Warrior and Rider.

Recommended Drone Stalker Items:

  • Critical: to increase damage by 400%. This is the best item for Stalker Drone!
  • Piercing Dagger: used to increase attack speed, so they often use passive skills.

Hero Assassin: Sword Dancer

Sword Dancer hero strongest chess rush

Difficult to kill and able to avoid attacks, one of the reasons Sword Dancer became a favorite hero in Chess Rush. Especially when upgraded to 3 stars, Sword Dancer can block 8 attacks at once, while increasing damage!

Recommended Sword Dancer Combo:

  • Combo 3 Assassin: to give him the ability to disappear and an additional 250% damage in first attack. It can also disappear again during a normal attack!
  • Elf Combo 3: gives ability to dodge 25%. This combo will make Sword Dance even more frightening.
  • Combo Warlock: get a lifesteal that makes Sword Dancer harder to kill!
  • Combo Rider/Warrior: can help Sword Dancer to deal more damage.

Recommended Sword Dancer Items:

  • Spellbane/Forbidden Totem : for mana regen, so, can use the ultimate skill as soon as possible. Cooldown with a duration of 6 seconds will make it even more dangerous.
  • Critical: become the mainstay items Assassin, to produce more damage on first attack.
  • Cloak Resistance: to help him become more agile in avoiding the opponent’s attack.

Sword Dancer is the strongest Assassin in Chess Rush!

Hero Warrior: Berserker

the strongest hero rush chess Berserker

Berserker is weak when only 1 star, but it will be very strong when upgraded to 2 and 3 stars!

Recommended Berserker Combo:

  • Combo 2/4 Goblin: to increase attack speed by 70.
  • Combo warrior: will give him more armor which makes it difficult to kill
  • Combo Warlock: will get lifesteal plus high attack speed, Berserker will randomly scramble enemy defenses.
  • Combo 2 Beast: to give 10% more damage.

Recommended Berserker Items:

  • Critical Max Level: increases damage to 225, with a maximum achievement of 400%!
  • Piercing Dagger Max Level: increases attack speed by 45, decreases opponent’s armor.
  • Cloak Resistance: adding magic resistance will increase Berserker’s defense.

According to FajarYusuf.Com, Berserker is the best warrior hero, and sometimes difficult to obtain. With upgrades to 3 stars, Berserker will be harder to kill and easy to destroy enemies!

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