Pawns Tanker in the Auto Chess Game That Is Hard to Kill

In the Auto Chess game, you are required to arrange pawns on the board and have their respective roles. Pawns that are on the front line usually have a role as a Tank. Because it will face to face directly with enemy pawns, Tanker in the Auto Chess game must have a thick HealthPoint and Armor.

Who do you think are the best tankers in Auto Chess ?, this is the best Pawns Tanker choice by FajarYusuf.Com:


Skybreaker autochess

Although the Warrior class is often said to be a tanker, it turns out that not all of them have thick HealthPoint and Armor. For example, Skybreaker has more endurance than some other Warriors. Because this pawn is quite cheap, Skybreaker can develop quite fast and maintain the front line with its CrowdControl skills .

Redaxe Chief

Redaxe Chief autochess

One of the Warriors who will be useful as tankers is the Red Axe. Even though it's cheap, the Red Axe will guard the front line with its taunt skill. The enemy pawn will focus on attacking the Red Ax if it is hit by that ability. This way, the Red Ax can easily control the crowd of enemies and keep the pawn behind it.

Warpwood Sage

Warpwood Sage autochess

Some pawns that have close attack distance are destined to be Tanks. Warpwood Sage who entered the Feathered race and the Druid class, for example has great attack power and very thick blood. In addition, Warpwood Sage can issue skills to provide healing. Because it entered as Feathered, Sage Warpwood can also get evasion or avoidance. In this way, Warpwood Sage became one of the pawns that could survive on the front lines.


Ripper autochess

Not only Skybreaker, Ripper is also a Goblin and Mech who have Tanker capabilities above the Warriors. With a very thick Armor, the Ripper is able to survive and injure enemy front lines with the help of his skills . And if you get buffs from your race and class, the Ripper can get extra thick regeneration and armor.

God of War

God of War autochess

The new piece added to the Auto Chess game is the most "strong " in the game. Although not able to attack, God of War has a thick defense that makes it able to reduce damage from enemies. With the addition of armor , God of War can last very long in battle.

That is the loudest tank pawns according FajarYusuf.Com, what do you think?

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