Build item emblem battlespell Edith (Phylax) Mobile Legends the best

The Best build items, emblem, battlespell Edith (Phylax) Mobile Legends

For those of you who are looking for the best Build Edith (Phylax) in Mobile Legends, then you are in the right article. Edith (Phylax) is a Tank/Marksman a very good to use in all conditions.

When in armor mode, Edith (Phylax) has a very thick defense. And when using Ultimate Skill, Edith becomes a very good Marksman to produce very high damage.

Skills Edith Mobile Legends

Passive Skill: Overload & Primal Wrath

Edith has 2 passive skills, the first is called Overload. After using the skill, Basicattack will cause Splash Damage for 3 seconds. This passive skill will give Edith the ability to clean minions very quickly with lightning that strikes.

The second passive skill is called Primal Wrath, this passive skill will be active when using Ultimate Mode. This passive skill will allow Edith to accumulate Wrath based on the damage received. Edith’s passive skill can be seen by the player in the energy under the Healthpoint bar. Make sure that the energy bar is full before using the Ultimate Skill, so that the passive becomes maximum.

Skill 1: Earth Shatter

Edith controlled Phylax to issue a very powerful blow to the ground with a fairly large area. This 1st skill will give 225 + 10% total Healthpoint to Physicaldamage. So, the higher the Phylax Healthpoint, the higher the physical damage skill 1 will be. This skill will give Airborne effect for 1 second.

Skill 2: Onward

Edith controlled Phylax to go in the specified direction. This 2nd skill will give 90 Physicaldamage +3% total Healthpoint. When the enemy is hit by skill 2, Phylax will lift the enemy and slam it backwards.

Skill 1 (Ultimate Mode): Divine Retribution

Edith will release lightning in the specified area, dealing 170 Magicaldamage + 40% Total Magicdamage. This skill is Continue. So, it can be used once for 5 enemies at once.

Skill 2 Edith (Ultimate Mode): Lightning Bolt

Edith will fire a lightning ball attack in the specified direction, dealing 150 Magicdamage + 50% total Magicpower. This skill will produce Immobilize effect for 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Primal Wrath

Edith ejects from Phylax, causing a knockback effect on nearby enemies. When using this skill, Phylax will also get an additional Shield with a total of 350 Shields +8% of the total Healthpoint. Edith is in Marksman mode, so Edith can do ranged attacks. Edith’s magic attack will be calculated from (75% total Physicalattack) + (25% Total Magicdamage).

When in ultimate mode, Edith gains an additional 50% – 150% Attackspeed and 10% – 30% Magiclifesteal based on Wrath collected while in Phylax mode. This is the best reason, we have to build a Tank Build for Edith. We are required to receive damage to replenish energy, so that Edith’s Ultimate Skill is maximized.

Build item emblem battlespell Edith (Phylax) Mobile Legends the best

The Best Build Items Edith Mobile Legends

The best Edith (Phylax) item build in Mobile Legends, in Edith’s Skills explanation , we know that Edith must make an Item Tank. However, Edith also needs additional Magicdamage to make Edith a very effective Marksman. So here are Edith’s best Item Builds:

  • Warrior Boots & Tough Boots
  • Immortality
  • Athena Shield & Radiant Armor
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Holy Crystal
  • Blood Wings

So, the build item above is perfect for making Edith’s Healthpoint thicker and providing additional Magicdamage during Lategame.

Edith Mobile Legends Best Emblem

Emblem Tank is perfect for Edith in Mobile Legends, with passive Concussive Blast. With the addition of Talent Points, you can add Full Physical Defense or Full Magical Defense, depending on the enemy you are facing.

Best Lane (Role) Edith Mobile Legends

  • Jungler
  • Gold Lane

Best Battle Spell Edith Mobile Legends

  • Retribution
  • Flickr


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