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The Best Build Items Fanny 2019, Also Emblems And Spells

Mobile Legends is a MOBA mobile game that is always popular every year as well as in 2019, like the MOBA game in general this game also has many heroes that players can use. In this article FajarYusuf.Com will discuss and explain about build items as well as battle spells and emblems that are suitable for Fanny.

Fanny is a hero who has an Assassin role with specialists Charge / Reap, in his story Fanny is an ordinary human who never gives up his dream to be able to fly. Fanny created a kind of iron pin for herself, hoping that Fanny could use the object to reach the surface of the cliff and dart between the tops of the mountains.

After continuous training in the neighborhood, Fanny finally mastered this technique, people who saw Fanny streaking in the air dubbed her the Blade of Freedom. In the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, Fanny is greatly feared because of her flying abilities that can provide attack damage, besides that Fanny is also equipped with a variety of qualified skills.

Fanny Skill

Passive Skill: Air Superiority

Fanny’s passive skill is active when Fanny is flying, attack damage will increase by 15% -30% and will make Prey Mark to the target being passed can be stacked up to twice. Giving damage to enemies who have Prey Mark will regenerate fanny energy by 10 points per friction with the enemy.

Skill 1: Tornado Strike

Skill 1 fanny Tornado Strike

When activating skill 1, Fanny will spin his sword, which will produce 260 (+ 90% total physical attack) physical damage to the closest enemy. This skill uses 25 energy costs and has a cooldown of 3.5 seconds

Skill 2: Steel Cable

Skill 2 fanny Steel Cable

Fanny will throw a cable that pulls itself into the object wearing. Each cable release in 3 seconds will reduce energy usage by 1. If there is enough energy, a tornado strike can occur. This skill will be wasteful if it does not hit the opponent and this skill uses 18 energy costs.

Skill 3: Cut throat

Skill 3 fanny Cut Throat

Fanny will attack the enemy, which will cause 500 (+ 240% extra physical attack) physical damage. If it hits an enemy with a prey marker, damage will increase by 20% per layer. This skill is usually made into finishing for enemies who have blood dying. This skill has a cooldown of 35.0 seconds and uses 30 energy costs.

Build Items Fanny

The following are the recommended items for the best used by Fanny users:

Bloodlust Axe

Bloodlust Axe

The first item recommended for the first time you buy is a bloodlust axe, because it will provide +70 physical attacks, + 10% cooldown reduction and + 20% lifesteal, which means each enemy is hit by a Fanny tornado skill, Fanny will add the blood itself due to the effect lifesteal.

Blade of the Heptaseas

Blade of the Heptaseas

The next item that must be purchased is the blade of the heptase, because this item will provide +75 physical attacks, +300 HP and the unique passivity of this item will make Fanny decrease the enemy’s physical defense by 25 points (each skill that hits the enemy) and will last for 3 seconds.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

The third item is the wings of the apocalypse queen, this item will give +15 physical attacks, +1000 HP, +10 cooldown reduction and also give a 15% lifesteal.

Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor

Rose gold meteor, this item will deal +60 physical attacks, +30 Magic RES, + 5% unique manifestation and passivity of this item ie when Fanny’s blood is less than 30%, a shield will appear that will absorb damage between 510-1350 and will increases according to level.



Immortality, this item will give +800 HP, +40 magic res, and also good this item will make the hero can come back to life after death and get HP and shield that can absorb 300-1000 points of damage. This item has a cooldown for 3 minutes after its useful life. So it is very suitable for Fanny when avoiding death because after life Fanny can escape or continue to attack the enemy.

Blade of Despair


And recommended for the last purchase is a blade of despair, this item will provide +170 physical attack, +10% attack speed and also if the enemy is hit by crowd control, this item will add 10% damage. So it will make Fanny have even more damage.

Battle Spells Fanny

For battle spells that are recommended for Fanny is to use Retribution because this spell will speed up the process farming Buff Monster so that makes Fanny faster to level up and makes Fanny more energy efficient, these spells can also help when 1 vs 1 because retribution can hit enemies which cause enemies to have a slow effect, when these spells are upgraded to level 2

Fanny Emblem

There are 2 choices of emblems that are suitable for Fanny, namely the custom emblem assassin and the custom emblem fighter. To see how the custom emblem, see the picture below.

Emblem Fanny
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