The Best Class in Chess Rush? Sorcerer or Assassin?

The Best Class in Chess Rush? Sorcerer or Assassin?

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Hero synergy in Chess Rush trying to be the strongest to finish off the enemy forces of the enemy. Not infrequently the hero who has a greater attack power is chosen as damage dealer in each match. Like other auto-battler games, some classes that appear superior to others.

Served as damage dealers in Chess Rush, Assassin and Sorcerer who have enormous damage. In your opinion, which of the two classes is the best? Check out the following explanation from FajarYusuf.Com!

chess rush sorcerer or assassin

Attacking Style

As a damage dealer, Sorcerer or Assassin have their respective game styles. The Sorcerers have a very large damage area, while Assassins can eliminate enemies one by one.

Even so there is also a Sorcerer who has a single nuke ability and an Assassin who has a damage area. Actually, the Assassins are a counter for the Sorcerers.

With his attack style, the formation of the enemy back line will be easily broken. And usually that’s where the Sorcerers are revealed.

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Game Style

For those of you who prefer Sorcerer as a superior formation, it is strongly recommended to use it if there are no enemies using Assassins.

Because, the sorcerers will be easily eliminated if the Assassins can jump to the sorcerer’s place easily. If it’s like this, it’s only a matter of time who can be eliminated from the game first.

Assassin was seeded, because the Assassins can be searched easily because some heroes appear as Tier 1 and 2. Meanwhile, the Sorcerers who appear very dangerous can you collect in the mid game. It all depends on the phase of the game.

The Best Combo

Sorcerer or Assassin has a list of heroes up to 9. You might be confused whether all the heroes from both classes are worth taking?

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The answer is in your beliefs with the opponent you are facing. If the enemy has a Sorcerer to a very dangerous Hunter, the Assassins can be the solution you must take.

Conversely, the presence of the Sorcerers can create good synergy with the Human race combo. This way, the other hero skills that you will bring to battle will be easy to use.

When choosing a synergy combo, you can combine Assassin with Nature while Sorcerer with Warlock. Nature will increase the avoidance of the Assassins while Warlock will make the Sorcerer’s magic have a lifesteal.


What do you think? If you yourself prefer Sorcerer or Assassin? Don’t be shy to share your opinions in the comments column okay! Continue to follow also interesting news and writings about mobile games only at FajarYusuf.Com!