list best weapons pubg new state

The best weapons in the PUBG New State game

PUBG New State is a Battleroyale game from Krafton developed for Android and iOS. PUBG New State was recently released with more realistic graphics, with survival gameplay dropping players into a futuristic world set in 2051, each player fighting for himself to be the last one standing. Of course, players can’t win Chicken Dinner without using some of the best weapons, so in this article, fajatyusufdotcom makes a list of the best weapons in PUBG New State.

List of the best weapons in PUBG New State:

  1. Groza
  2. AKM
  3. Vector
  4. S12K
  5. M24
  6. Grenade Launcher

All players descended to the island empty-handed, players had to scavenge for the supply chests scattered on each island or retrieve them from players who had been killed. In this game everything will depend on the player’s skills on the battlefield, but if the player is unlucky to find the desired weapon, then the player may still be able to win when he has good items.


list best weapons pubg new state groza

The best weapon in PUBG New State is Groza, this weapon’s Burstfire attack is very good and also has minimal Recoil features, besides that this weapon also has pretty good accuracy. Although it takes a while to reload, players may not need to think about it, because with this weapon players can clear all visible enemies with its impressive firepower.


list best weapons pubg new state akm

The AKM has strong reliability in medium-range combat. There are lots of attachments that players can play from Silencer to Scope, but be careful with heavy Recoil. The AKM is best used at medium ranges to maximize the attack power of this weapon.


list best weapons pubg new state vector

Vector is the best submachine gun because of its very fast firing speed. Vector can deal devastating melee damage to enemies, and also this weapon can help players get out of difficult situations unscathed thanks to its firepower. Players can wreak havoc with Vector especially when this weapon is upgraded to a larger magazine to reduce reload time.


list best weapons pubg new state s12k

If the player is looking for the best weapon in PUBG New State to carry out a mid-range kill, the player can rely on and shoot the enemy with the S12K. This semi-automatic rifle offers high damage of up to five rounds that players can fire in a row, so it’s the best weapon for aggressive players.


list best weapons pubg new state m24

Speaking of long-range shooting, a sniper would definitely choose the M24. This weapon will make players the quietest snipers when they have a good viewing angle, besides that players can rely on shooting this weapon because of the low recoil. M24 can even penetrate enemy Armor with a maximum damage rate of 88.

Grenade Launcher

list best weapons pubg new state granade launcher

If players find the Grenade Launcher, players should give it a try, as this weapon can defeat enemies that run away quickly even while in their vehicle. This gun fires up to six grenades. Heavy artillery of this kind is not always available, so grab it when you find it and never look back.


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