tier list revived witch

This is the Tier List Revived Witch which has been officially released!

Yostar Games has officially announced the global release of their newest mobile game with Pixelartstyle entitled Revived WitchPreviously, more than 200,000 players had pre-registered, Revived Witch will be available for Android and iOS platforms. This mobile game has an exciting gaming experience with RPG gameplay and Pixelartstyle graphics equipped with an energy bar battle system.

Revived Witch Story

Revived Witch is an RPG-Adventure game that immerses players in a chronological space where reality and imagination collide. The player will wake up in a dream-like forest with memory loss, the player steps and enters the Chrono Tower which is a portal to a parallel universe. As the expedition deepens, the mysterious story behind the witch will be revealed gradually. Players are on a mission to restore a twisted fantasy, and the journey has just begun.

Revived Witch Gameplay

Evil monsters await players as they traverse the diverse landscapes. The combat in this game is retro-RPG but with better combat speed. The core gameplay of Revived Witch involves timely deployment of an army of 3 dolls and strategically combining dual energy blades. Puppets come in 6 different Classes to help players with various tasks and of course to defeat the enemy with a power full of strategy and tactics.

With the introduction of the Realtime Dualenergy Bar, players will have to mix and match tactics to produce a more effective effect. Order Energy will accumulate over time, while Chaos Energy will unlock additional Skills after casting NormalskillsSoul Marks can be obtained after using the Chaos Energy Skill. When all the signs are lit, Energy Outbreak Mode will be activated and players can cast various skills to create combos and deal damage the big one. The opportunity to reverse the course of the battle was always in the hands of the players.

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