Tips Argus + Demon Hunter Sword, So Overpowered?

Argus is a Fighter hero, Argus is known as the ultimate skill that makes him immortal or cannot die.

This is because the ultimate skill from Argus can regenerate HealthPoint, and can become full again.

Do you know, if the ultimate skill of Argus can be used to be overpowered by combining it with the item Demon Hunter Sword (DHS).

Even with this combination, Argus can’t be killed.

In short, this ultimate skill will make it enter Fallen Angel mode .

In this mode, all negative effects will disappear from the body while making the duration of CrowdControl decrease by 25%.

Also, all the damage Argus has produced during Fallen Angel (skill ultimate) mode will become HealthPoint for him when the Fallen Angel ends.

Demon Hunter Sword + Argus.

Demon Hunter Sword

The more Argus produces damage, more HealthPoint Argus will get.

In addition, as long as Argus is in Fallen Angel mode, Argus will not be able to be killed even though his blood has run out.

The Demon Hunter Sword is an item that has a status effect: +35 Physical Attack and +25 Attack Speed.

Not only that, this item also provides a passive effect in the form of 9% additional damage from the enemy attacked HealthPoint .

In conclusion, the more HealthPoint an opponent hero has, the more damage will be added from his passive effect .

If all of these effects reach the stack at one time, then the damage generated by Argus and HealthPoint that he gets is also increasing.

Use of Argus Skill Must Be Right.

Argus mobile legends

Moreover, if we use this method, when the Argus ragebar is full.

Then the damage generated comes from Argus attacks, as well as additions to Fallen Angel mode and additional items from the Demon Hunter Sword.Also Read: Tips and Guide for Auto Chess, Let You Win and Continue!

It does require its own skills to be able to use these tips smoothly.

However, if you are able to get used to it, this combination of the ultimate Argus + DemonHunterSword skill can make you truly immortal.

You can watch the snippet of the tips below:

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