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Tips Build Items, Emblem, Spell, And How to Play Alucard MLBB

Alucard is one of the hero fighter in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang mobile game which is very popular among MLBB players, this hero is not only for playing in classic mode, but also for ranked mode .

Because this one fighter hero is one hero that is quite feared by other heroes, especially for range heroes such as marksman and mage, and it is also fairly easy to use.

This hero who specializes in role as Fighter/Assassin has a special skill to charge, with a special ability that is lifesteal that will make this hero not easily killed.

Not only that, Alucard has quite a large amount of damage, which can be used to kill opponents in an instant, as long as the timing of using the skill is right on target. So, let’s look at tips on building items, spells, emblems, and how to play Alucard below:

Explanation of Alucard’s Skill

Alucard is equipped with one passive skill and three active skills like other MLBB heroes. The names of the skills of Alucard are Pursuit (Passive Skill), Groundsplitter (Skill 1), Whirling Smash (Skill 2), and Fission Wave (Ultimate Skill).

Passive Skill: Pursuit

Will help Alucard to chase the enemy while attacking him. This skill will be active after you use one of the active skills then you can do basic attack (1.2 basic attacks after using the skill will activate a passive skill), Alucard will charge or attack the enemy.

In addition, the attack will deal 1.2 damage if it hits one enemy hero or becomes 1.1 times if it hits two opposing heroes. The next basic attack will also be 1.2x damage.

Skill 1: Groundsplitter

Skill 1: Alucard Groundsplitter

Alucard will leap forward, and will deal 240 physical damage (+160% of Extra Physical ATK) which increases each level and additional slow effects for the opponent that is affected.

This skill 1 can be used to chase your opponent, ambush the opponent, or escape from the opponent’s attack. You can also use this skill to jump over walls in a land of down map.

Skill 2: Whirling Smash

Skill 2: Whirling Smash alucard

Skill 2 is the source of Alucard’s damage. This skill has a fairly short cooldown (about 5 seconds) and is capable of dealing physical damage of 230 (+140% of Extra Physical ATK) which increases each level.

Ultimate Skill: Fission Wave

Ultimate Skill: Fission Wave alucard

When activated, Alucard will have a lifesteal of 20% at the same time will help him lock the opponent. In addition, for 8 seconds, Alucard will have a lifesteal ability of 100% on opponents who are locked.

As long as this skill is active, Alucard can launch waves of attacks that have an attack power of 440 (+220% of Extra Physical ATK) physical damage to the opponent.


Although it’s very easy and dangerous, Alucard’s ability depends on the player’s ability to control it, including building the right items for him.

For those who don’t know, which items are right for Alucard, here are the build items that you can apply when competing. Of course, in certain match conditions you must also modify it.

Alucard’s Spells and Emblems

assassin emblem

Assassin Emblem

Maximizing the ability of the hero is also inseparable from the Emblem and also the Battle Spell used. In this case, FajarYusuf.Com recommends Alucard with a Custom Assassin Emblem.


Battle Spell

As for the Battle Spell, Fajar Yusuf.Com recommends a flicker to be able to chase enemy marksman and enemy mages, and also to avoid a hero who has Crowd Control, because Alucard’s weakness is Crowd Control.

Build Item Alucard


Warrior Boots

You must purchase this item at the beginning of the game, especially if you want physical defense from Alucard, so you are not easily defeated when fighting other heroes or jungle monsters.

In addition, you will also get additional movement speed that can accelerate the movement to chase your opponent or escape if necessary.


Endless Battle

This item is very useful for Alucard, because it has additional attributes that are quite complete. Besides being able to attack with additional physical damage, you will also get additional lifesteal.


Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair items are perfect for increasing damage from Alucard, as well as movement. This item is perfect for dealing with opponents who have HP below 50%, because it will increase physical damage by 50%.

Haas's Claw

Haas’s Claw

Alucard’s lifesteal ability will be even greater by using this item. In addition, Haas’s Claws will help Alucard to increase physical damage.


Berserker’s Fury

To improve the quality of attacks, Berserker’s Fury can be the right choice, because this item will provide additional physical attacks and also critical chance.

Thunder Belt

Thunder Belt

The last item that can be purchased for defense is the Thunder Belt. This item is needed to increase physical endurance as well as the cooldown of Alucard’s skills.

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