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These are Tips on How to Catch Horses in the Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile has not been released long, and there are still many players who are confused about how to play it, in addition to tips for beginners who have given FajarYusuf.Com before, now FajarYusuf.Com will give tips on how to catch horses in Black Desert Mobile.

Item Preparation

Before you search and catch horses, you must buy and prepare several items in advance, these items are the Horse Taming Rope that is used to tie the horse’s neck, and as a horse tamer item so that the success rate of catching horses increases the Raw Sugar items must also be prepared.

item captures black desert horse mobile

You can buy Horse Taming Rope and Raw Sugar via NPC with a horn-shaped head icon like a cow in each Safe Zone. You can buy Horse Taming Rope for 7,500 Silver while Raw Sugar you can buy for 10,000 Silver, buy enough and make sure Raw Sugar has to be carried more than Horse Taming Rope.

Searching for Horse Locations

After preparing the required items, you can immediately start to search for the location of the horse wherever there is a horse-shaped icon and horseshoe as you can see in the picture below. Go to the icon on the map to find wild horses that are ready for you to tame and catch.

horse location map

If you do not find it, it means that other players have taken it first. You only need to wait a while for the horse to reappear or find another location.

Catch & Tame Horses

When you see a horse, come a little closer until a rope-shaped icon that says Tame Horse appears, but remember you have to make sure you don’t disturb anyone, no monsters are attacking you because they can cancel the Tame Horse process.

tame horse black desert mobile

When the environment is certain to be safe press the Tame Horse button and start approaching the horse slowly until the Feed Sugar and Tame Horse option buttons appear. Feed Raw Sugar by pressing the Feed Sugar button until the percent number below rises to the maximum limit, then press the Tame Horse button.

tame the horse

When taming a horse, you will play a mini game, you must match the circle in a straight line. Try to keep the circle inside the green area. Wait for a few seconds and start matching again the next given pattern up to 3 times the process. If you succeed the horse will be yours and automatically enter the Stable in your Camp!

Black Desert Horse Camp Mobile
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