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Saint Seiya: Awakening the new game a few weeks old it seems increasingly give color to the world of mobile games on Android and IOS for now, the game adaptation of anime favorite in World. itself has a lot of players, probably due to the many fans of Anime Saint Seiya itself ,

In a game with a team game 6 vs. 6 with the genre Turn Base RPG 's, you will be presented the mechanism of gameplay that is not much different from other similar games where the hero takes a role to fill the position of team composition. As MOBA for example, we need role Support and Damage dealer , for example, the game Saint Seiya: Awakening itself there are some hero role of support that has its own specialty types, namely: Buffer, Healer, and Damage reducer controller for example.

For tips hero support, FajarYusuf.Com provide recommendations that will have you do not have to worry affairs gets way, because FajarYusuf.Com provide recommendations that could be considered a free hero, Heros can be obtained free of charge and easily obtained by ordinary Summon, because there is no Saint Class S on the recommendations FajarYusuf.Com input.

This is 7 Saint Support Recommendations That Must you have:

Wolf Nachi

Wolf Nachi
Wolf Nachi 2

Wolf Nachi is Support with specialization Buffer with Class B , assigned to provide additional targeted attack on one Saint that exist within your team. Saint itself has been since the beginning of the game you get, even if it is given a free hero Tencent free, does not mean that this hero is a hero that is not useful.

Advantages brought Nachi into your team is, in addition to providing additional Buff damage , Nachi also is a Saint with a typical speed is the fastest in the game Saint Seiya: Awakening. So no need to worry about how it's used, Nachi be way ahead of yours Damage dealer within the team.

Skill of Seventh Sense can also somewhat remarkable, when you have activated the skill to 3 or Seventh sense , the effect produced Death Wolf will provide Buff extra damage to the entire team if you kill the enemy using skill 3 that, even at the cost of two energy course this became a lucrative fee, due to the effect of a given extra damage throughout your team.

Nero Priest

Nero Priest

Nero Priest or Black Priest also Saint with Class B with a specialization disabler / Control , inexpensive hero is not cheap. Nero Priest is one of the Saint's most annoying in the game because of the skill that can give the effect of Silence and the reduction of the effect of healing (heal) , besides Saint this one also has a speed that is faster, so the saint can you count on to win with skill silence that owned.

Advantages brought Saint one is certainly due Silence has become mainstay, this skill can disrupt the plans of the exact opponent, or it can make your opponent helpless because they can not use any skills. Moreover, if you give a lot of guards that can keep the hero Nero Priest remains safe in every round of the game PVP . Nero Saint Priest is one of the mainstays in PVP, you know, at any tier including PVP top tier.

Nero Priest also had his skill 3 Seventh sense that has a useful function, because it can reduce the effects of the opponent heal and defense opponent, perfect if you meet with an enemy capable of high heal.

Andromeda Shun

Andromeda Shun
Andromeda Shun2

Shun is one of the main character of the anime and manga Saint Seiya , wherein shun is one of five Bronze saint who rebelled against Sanctuary because intend to save the goddess Athena , younger brother of Phoenix Ikki has become one of the characters with Cosmo World and willing to sacrifice for the sake of comrade. Shun on this game is the Support with specialization Control and Buff at once.

Seemed to fit the description of the character of Shun, Andromeda Chain / Nebula Chain owned Shun is the Controller of the most devastating that are in this game. Because when Shun managed to tie up an opponent, then with absolute Shun will ignore all opponent status ( Immune ) and remain binding targets so as to eliminate the opponent's turn tied for 2 rounds. When tying Shun also can attack with normal Attack towards the opponent, and the opportunity to activate the passive to attack the opponent with a normal attack for 2 times in one blow.

Not only that, Shun has Buff were able to increase the survival of the team Cosmo Def and Pisikal Def , so Shun according FajarYusuf.Com Support is one of the most comprehensive, yet up there, Shun also has a total HP and Def high , so it is very difficult to kill Shun especially if combined with a healer and damage reducers , so Shun could be one hero Support of the most terrible at this game. To obtain them also you need not worry because Tencent will provide Saint for free in the event any new players.

Eagle Marin

Eagle Marin 2
Eagle Marin

Hero has been the guiding Seiya before becoming a Saint, Marin is also a brother to Seiya, Support this one specializes Healer , where Healer itself is very rare in this game, so Marin is one of the Support favorite , the average player definitely use Marin in formation, Even thought not all, but FajarYusuf.Com can guarantee Marin was a favorite for the majority Player.

Eagle Marin as a healer and support best-selling in the game because the Saint is easy to obtain, the rate Summon and Gift frequently Marin showed up, so you do not have to worry about how to get Marin.

Marin is also very suitable juxtaposed with plenty of Saint, besides Marin also has many uses, especially in the fight against Boss ( Poseidon Trident, Dungeon etc. ) including PVP Marin became one of the favorites for the player Saint Seiya: Awakening. Marin has a high Class A, although the size of the attacking Marin will not serve well without another hero, only he had as a main weapon is his Heal able to keep the team safe.

Sextans Luna

Sextans Luna2
Sextans Luna

Sextans Luna is a specialty Support Buffers which have the flexibility to any existing composition of the team, so it is no wonder if Luna is always present in the composition of any team, even if it has a Class B, Luna remains among the Support Buffer Grab offensive in this game.

The reason is because if Luna activate the skill to the target friend on the team, then there is a possibility the targets will get a turn as much as 2x or 3x, during the Luna and the target is not disturbed (beaten or killed). In terms of defensive skill Luna This can be useful, for example if there is a team we are exposed Silence or Control ( Freeze ), with skill your team targeted by Luna and free of all status debuff that, but for efek is the target would not be able to run more of one as usual.

Luna will be very useful for the team if you provide the hero with great damage and energy are relatively small. Suppose that with Saga , Milo and Aldebaran , a skill that should be consuming two rounds before moving, with Luna skills then they will direct the way in the first round.

Chameleon June

Chameleon June 2
Chameleon June

June is the specialization Support Damage Reducer , with the skill Vines Growth June can split incoming damage from the opponent team everyone, so June is very useful against heroes Single targets with devastating damage such as Aeolus and Dohko.

Lover Shun is also one of the hero's favorite, because Skill Seventh Sense is also June may provide a reduction Damage by 10% for those who are in a loop Vines Growth of her, really a nightmare for opponents PVP with a typical attack single targets, especially if paired with Marin and Mu , with Shield and Heal course for June will be more annoying for the enemy, just as Saint-saint above, June is also very easy to obtain because only Saint with class A .


Kiki 2

Kiki is a little boy who became a pupil of Aries Mu , where the ability of psychokinesis hers is one of the future assets of hers to be the successor of Mu and serve as the Gold Saint Aries . Kiki is a specialization Support with Buffer , which has the ability to directly pass 2 energy to the target in the team.

Skill owned by Kiki only owned Kiki one in this game, so do not be surprised if kiki is a favorite for the player , especially for those who like to play fast in PVP or PVE , because the fair is we only have 2 energy in phase / turn early in the match , with the help of Kiki you can throw skill-skill deadly of Saint damage dealer terrible as Saga , Aeolus , and Dohko . But unfortunately Kiki will feel " less useful " for maximum energy in the Late round(Over 4 rounds) is 8 energy and can not exceed.

Kiki will lose its function, can only use skills first to throw a stone, because the transfer of energy is not able to grow if it is entered into the late rounds. So Kiki is the best solution for you if you bring a lot of hero with a large energy consumption, and also for you who like to play Early game mode PVP or PVE .

That list hero Support Saint Seiya: Awakening recommendation of FajarYusuf.Com.

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